Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Gel liner.

Since I started to learn make up for myself, I was keen to know the art of eye liner. I always wanted perfect finish and was successful at the time. Still whenever I go to buy something, I  always prefer to look for new collection of eye liner...although I have number of liners. Last week I went to buy some lipsticks but I bought eye liner gel from collection 2000.


This is not the first time that I am using collection 2000, I already have used their pen liner which are my favourite. But this time, they introduced the gel liner which seem waterproof. I tried this one and I washed my face with water and my liner was still there :) ha.

I love this colour so, I prefer to buy this one. I am sure that the black one is more killing and dynamic in its own. I applied this liner on my bare skin, there is no foundation and base on my eyes. I applied to see its real colour which was fabulous to apply. The finishing is so perfect and smooth. I am not exaggerating but its true that collection 2000 eye liner is far more better than the rimmel and others. Its gel is smooth and very much easy to apply.

It is cheap to buy and you can get it from any shop like boots and superdrugs. I bought it from superdrugs as my most of the make up comes from that shop. The colour I have bought is one of my favourites and can be wore with matching dress and now I am thinking to buy black one which can be wear with any dress. I am sure I am going to buy that one :) There is brown as well which was appealing and was nice on the skin.I loved it and would recommend to all my friends to buy it.