Friday, 25 February 2011

Be Careful with Skin

When I was growing up, I was very confused for my glowing skin that how to maintain it and what is suitable for it? Now I am grown up and I still feel the same thing, but one thing I have realized that in Summer, the skin really glows,I don't know the reason. May be due to use of water and other more activities. In cold weather I faced a problem regarding perfect face washes for my skin. Nothing was working as I wanted because when I I washed my face some small white patches appeared on skin which did not look good and again I was bit worried. A number of face washes I tried but found nothing best. But after a long time I got something very good.

Then,at my cousin's home I got a chance to try Tee tree face wash. It really worked as i wanted. I asked her about that and she told me that she bought that from superdrug. I thought I could get that one from any shop in high street but I was wrong.

I visited twice shops but did not get that one, I went to the superdrug and bought 2 of them. I use it everyday in the morning and before going to bed, in the night. I found it good because it matches with my skin tone. It does not leave any impact of dryness and dullness after washing my face with it. I think I am not going to change it soon.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Eye Make up for Kitchen

Today I had to cook because I invited my Aunt's family. She cooks really nice food whenever I go to her place, so I'm always nervous when I cook for her. I made some spaghetti, garlic bread and fried chicken for them. All the things were ready beforehand, apart from the chicken which I had to fry at lunch. I changed my dress and put on some make up. But still I had some chores to do, so I just darkened my eyes with the Black Eye pencil by Maybelline.
It was my first time that I used this pencil before going to the kitchen. Everything was good and perfect and I admired by my guests :)

I was also afraid because of my eye pencil. I've used other pencils, which spread around my eyes so I have to rub them harshly. So I thought that the same thing would happen again. I did everything that I had to do in their presence. We talked and laughed for long time and then we had tea together. By this time I was almost forgot about my black eyes and whether the pencil had spread. After finishing the work I checked in the mirror and was really surprised to see that it hadn't spread nor it was disappeared from my eyes.

I realized that I'd used a new eyeliner which  my husband bought for me from superdrug few days ago. I hadn't used it before because I thought it'd be like my other one but this is really good and long lasting. I liked it very much and I am waiting to go somewhere so I can wear the liner again.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

On the Beach

Last Sunday I was on a trip to Norwich, it was wonderful to see that green village. Since I came here I saw such a beautiful place first time. We were two couples and it was a Cottage where we stayed for tow days and two nights. First day we were bit tired because of three hours drive but in the evening we all were at comfort. I like the place due to its calmness and peace, but it was horrible at the night when the wind was blowing and I was little afraid. In the morning, the garden gave very pleasant feelings after rain.

The next morning we planned to visit beach :) just cold weather we visited beach. It was amazingly beautiful I got a chance to visit it with my Husband that's why it  was looking more romantic. On beach I was almost freezing due to cool wind and the water was dancing on the fingers of air. I was enjoying but on the same time I was afraid because it seemed as the water was coming out of its depth. I had some photos on beach.

When I was talking to my husband on the beach suddenly I felt as I am not balancing my weight and after a moment I was about to fell down  due to powerful wind......i was shaken and my husband started laughing on me then he hold my hand firmly.

 But I like the other side of it was more beautiful because there was sand and stones as well. Big blocks of rocks were there and people were hanging up with their fellows and some of the people were with their pets when it started rain, again.
And this photo was taken when I was standing and the water came on my place and I ran as a big storm is behind me.....
It was a good time and memorable as well. I am really hoping to enjoy the water again, but this time I wish to have a group with me because then it 'll be more fun  to hang up with family and friends.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

cold weather.

Few days ago, I went to City to hang up myself with my family, but it was so cold and even something next to cold.I forgot to enjoy and was then in hurry to go back. But still we stayed there for long. I visited many shops there and found very much fashionable dresses.I am desperately waiting for summer because I have many plans for that season...

But honestly, in such weather I was not intend to wear my favorites because I am bit lazy to do all that.I was completely covering myself  from head to toe and even my forehead:P some of my pics are not as much good as I expect,in fact, in such cold weather one can not be harsh with oneself but can only display Coats, wearing to cover:) If u look at my face You 'll find me looking strange.

I am hoping that you will suggest me to do something different in order to cover my self but at the same time I want to look myelf  in style,but as I told you, in cold, I am bit lazy.I want You to tel me  what you do when you are in my place?????????????

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Hello Everyone,
 I am Tia and recently I have joined this place where i 've found a new world of Blogs.I was keen interested in blog writings because I thought I should do something instead of sitting idol at home, all the time.In this connection my Love supported me and the main person who helped me, is Sherin. She actually guided me and told me to join and write.
Well,as I told u guys that I have no work to do means no job now a days, so free time to write:) But I will be writing when I'll get a job because I thing this is good way to enhance my writing skills.Moreover,I would be in touch with her for more information and many other things.In these days, I am going to take class every Monday and Thursday at JAN near Alexandra palace.I met new people and come across with their new Languages which are really interesting in listening.I think it is enough for today:)