Thursday, 27 September 2012

Next seven day's challenge

I am very excited to write this post about Next' seven days challenge. I was invited by the blogger Sherin Malick  who is my personally favourite and stylish girl I have ever met.
Day 1........
Black looks nice with leopard printed shoes.

next challenge

Day 2...............
Nude for party.

Day 3......................
Beauty in black looks posh.

Next's seven days shoes challenge

Day 4....................
Green forever in.
                          Untitled #4
Day 5...........
Legally pink.

                Untitled #5

Day 6...............
Lovely frock and belt with killer heels.

Day 7.........
All is berry and bright.

So , There are my 7 days selection from next  and I still feel that the challenge was only for seven days, it must be about 10 days at least :) because I still have a lot of my favourite pair of shoes and many killer heels. 
I loved to write about shoes and other stuff which was incredibly fun and interested  too. Now I am hoping for the best to win this competition and keeping my finger crossed.    

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

M&S Pumps

Hi to all my friends, you must be happy to see me back after a long break. It was very tough for me as well to stay from all the stuff and my favourite bloggers. Well, I think I should not go in further discussion about my absence and should share something new I've got. To be honest, I really missed all of you and planned to come here everyday.

During this time period I came across with different and new fashion stuff. Some of the make up is here which I could not talk about and some other things also.  So, there is my first post after a long time and I am sure will be writing regularly from now.

shoes from Marks & Spencer
                                                                       price £20

Anyway, today, I would like to show my latest new pumps which are from M&S and they are superb. First of all I fell for this pair because of its colour which is golden/zinc and its perfect for all the light colour dresses. Other thing about these pumps is the fitting which is incredibly comfortable and relaxing. I always want something comfortable because I really can't afford the shoes which are eating my feet all the time. I wore these pumps and walked a lot and found them very comfy and relaxing.

I bought these pumps very late because I thought summer is going soon and there will be winter but I was wrong as it is still summer and we are lucky enough to see sunlight almost daily.  So you can buy for yourself for summer or winter by clicking here