Thursday, 31 March 2011

Most Desirable dress.

The most desirable dress in the summer would be....flair, frocks or shorts? Well, this is really hard to answer this question because nobody knows when the fashion takes a turn from skinny to flair and from high heel top pumps. In this spring, the most wanted and most favorite could be Shorts. I hope you will like this style because it's Denim's shorts: 

As many famous designers are intend to create something different for girls after chasing their desires for shorts.There are some different colours and a kind of mixture which are from designer's collection, you might like these.
Some celebrities are wearing shorts with high heels and look more stylish and bit casual.


It can be for a formal party or an award ceremony.

I like this blue and white which really appeals and also can wear with any colour as we can see in the pictures on the top.


I like this style because of its white colour and its a good combination with blue. Apart of pink, white is also famous among girls.
tia xx

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Fashion Foot Wear

Hi guys! this is really lovely that weather is changing and the sun is shinning with giving us opportunity to wear spring outfits. We will talk about shoes and lovely slippers. Yesterday I went for shopping and bought pumps which are nice.

This pair is not only nice but also very comfy, I bought it from new look and there were also many colourful pump which are perfectly match with spring and summer dresses. I like black colour and I think it is casual and formal as well. This season is going to have this kind of pumps with tight leggings and smart frocks, which is really fashionable and a slightly formal but it looks more good in casual.
If you are going to wear jeans, the skinny one, then it is again suitable for that according to the event. With skinny jeans you can wear loose top as it is in fashion. Black colour is evergreen and suitable for everyone and every occasion. 
Some celebrities also like to wear this kind of pumps to give a casual impression and it is best casual street fashion 2011.

Taleeha xx  

Monday, 7 March 2011

Spring Arrivals:New Fashion

As we all know that the lovely weather is on its way and people are on their, for new and latest fashion. Last year, when the skinny jeans was in fashion at the same time legging was also there. People who did not like to wear skinny jeans or may be different from jeans, they enjoyed in wearing leggings and shorts. I was wandering that everything and fashion caught a season and all kind of dresses had introduced now what would be in the fashion next????

But soon I got the answer by knowing that the fashion is not changed but in this summer,it's gonna repeat by introducing the 70's Flair. I saw this flair trouser in many shops but I remember that for the first time I saw it in H&M. Honestly, I really like this old style which is now popular for the new generation. I have taken the image of trouser from H&M which speaks itself.
I think it is going to popular and people loving dress because it has its uniqueness, in the sense that the figure is more prominent in a decent style. Some of the girls say they'll use tight top and some of them say for top with flair sleeves. But in my opinion the tight tops suits better with this kind of trouser, because when you are going to focus something make sure that the specific thing is focused rather you are focusing the both and the both look dull in front of each other. I think fashion is not something always to adapt but this is something which suits you.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Need to remove;make up

Make up is an essential part of our lives and we think our personality is incomplete, without make up. But I saw many of the girls who are crazy for make up but do not remove it before going to bed. It is good that one is perfect make up artist for herself but make sure you are not playing with your skin. It is said that the Night cream is very important for a healthy skin. But the most important is water to keep yourself  healthy and young.
I am a big fan of make up and I love to play with make up applying on my skin. But I do not play with my skin. I stay in make up whole day almost, but before going to bed I always remove it from my skin. 
I like black eye make giving it a smoky look and sometimes using the darker colors I made them brighter.  

First step I take is to remove my make up with clean and clear wipes and gently moving on the face it gives a good effect by letting your skin moisture. It is not good to wash your skin directly while make up is on. 

The next step is to make your eyes comfortable and relax by removing the shadows, liner, lashes and mascara using the suitable product for your skin. I will suggest to use Olay as it is best for the protection of eyes.
This is soft and having effect to provide your skin the most comfort, apply it with the help of your finger pours and massage. But do not rub with any piece of cloth or tissue paper, just use the cotton pieces. After that we come to the face and it cover your cheeks, chin, nose and forehead.
For face, I will recommend to use Garnier. It is also a good product as It is made  from natural elements which are healthy for skin. You can use it as a night cream also.

It gives you a soft touch while applying on your skin and you do not get any harsh effect or feelings when you are using on the skin. when you clean your face, make sure you are going to leave your skin for a while. This is a way to make it relax and calm after the whole day. It will help your skin to relax the new cells to grow. And the dead cells of your skin will not appear in the form of acne and pimple. You can leave your skin for whole night and sleep easily but if you want to wash your face,wash it with Tee tree peppermint which will add more cool effect and can help you in giving a comfort sleep.