Thursday, 31 March 2011

Most Desirable dress.

The most desirable dress in the summer would be....flair, frocks or shorts? Well, this is really hard to answer this question because nobody knows when the fashion takes a turn from skinny to flair and from high heel top pumps. In this spring, the most wanted and most favorite could be Shorts. I hope you will like this style because it's Denim's shorts: 

As many famous designers are intend to create something different for girls after chasing their desires for shorts.There are some different colours and a kind of mixture which are from designer's collection, you might like these.
Some celebrities are wearing shorts with high heels and look more stylish and bit casual.


It can be for a formal party or an award ceremony.

I like this blue and white which really appeals and also can wear with any colour as we can see in the pictures on the top.


I like this style because of its white colour and its a good combination with blue. Apart of pink, white is also famous among girls.
tia xx

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