Tuesday, 21 June 2011

First the Dust.

Its always fun to add little doze of excitement in the glass of desires. I always buy make up without any pre-plans and its more excited when I plan to buy something else and get other which wasn't planned. The same thing happened to me last week.

I went to my nearest superdrug to visit and buy MUA professional academy. Unfortunately, those shades were out of stock and could not buy them. So, I decided not to go back and feel sad about that and then I started wondering. I saw all make up and tried as well, in the last I reached at BarryM showcase and found many nice colours.

I have to admit and admire of this eye dust which I bought from superdrug is extremely soft in applying and also gentle to stay on your skin.

It is effect which appears on the skin after applying and it is really soft and beautiful. I have applied this colour with dark and light colour of dresses and also applied different eye liners. But it does not loss its beauty in any way and gives a smooth look.
I have some other colours and their images are more clear as I took them from 

I have got nice colours and wear them when I go somewhere with my special one. What do you wear when you go with yours???

Tia xx

Monday, 20 June 2011

A Review on MUA cosmetics

I was reading about all the make up academies and cosmetics. I was really surprised to read about the MUA make up academy. MUA professional mascara is known as a TOP mascara because of its best price and the quality.

I know this image is not enough clear but still its main heading can be read. I was anxious to know and see the mascara. So, I went to my nearest superdrug to have a look. There is no doubt about mascara,it is amazingly thick and helps to thicken your lashes.
It was pretty good to know about the cosmetics and above all, I just love the packing of the products. All the products are packed in such a way as other brands are like Bourjois and I loved it.
So, I decided to buy something at least, if I could not buy all of them:)

And I bought this smoky eye make up which is really good and equally soft in applying just like other make up. I also bought a lipstick which is deep Red in colour, I never applied red because I always thought it might not suitable and I did not want any risk. But when I saw the colour in MUA cosmetics I bought it quickly.

I am glad to have this colour because it did not disappoint me as I was not sure about the perfect colour. But I found it very lovely. The most good thing about this make up is its prices which are really affordable for all, and everyone can easily reach to them.
I think I am gonna buy some more stuff from superdrug to get more of this make up specially mascara which is called top mascara.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

New Colour Alert

I believe some of the things come with silent feet and then they become a source of interest for everyone. Similarly, there is silent colour alert for all the funky or unconventional colours. This summer white dresses are one of the biggest trends which is why some people are very excited about it.  If you see this photo, you will find plenty of inspiration. 

Although, this photo is not taken recently but it still speaks about the trend.

Just look at Rihanna who knows how to make a style statement. Her red hair are styled in a very different way as we have seen her in big curly hair and also long straight hair. She looks fine and incredible as always. The white dress, the red hair and khaki nude shoes, a good combination.

All the models on the ramp are wearing this upcoming colour which reflects its own importance according to the fashion and the season. All the styles are there in white colour with matching and suitable accessories. Some of the dresses suits with heavy accessories but most of them are wearing nothing but focused only on perfect shoes.

Have a look on above picture which describes its beauty in a complete pack. Two dresses which are according to the fashion and for occasion a formal and bit casual. The white bag and the white accessories are suitable decent match with dresses, whereas, the importance of shoes can not be denied.
Top shop's latest white dress is there, about an hour before I got the update about this dress. If you want to see that dress then click here and find more.

Monday, 13 June 2011

My Favorite shoes.

I used to buy my clothes and shoes from different shops and I always compare them with each other in quality. Since I bought some things from New Look, I found a difference in my collection. Honestly, I never pay heed to my cousin's opinion about H&M and New Look. But I realized that I should have bought my stuff long ago from these shops.

Theses are my favorite shoes which I bought from New Look. I was just wandering for a stylish dress but I could not find that one. I walked to the shoe section and trying to find some thing else. Suddenly, I found this pair which was really fit in my feet. I wouldn't mind to use the word 'crush'for this pair because I just madly wanted to buy them.

I loved this colour because I have a dress of same colour so, it was suitable with that one. It looks very glamorous with that dress.

Just look at its heel, this is very stylish and comfortable. Although, it is kitty heel and not very much long but still it looks very sexy with my matching dress.
In below picture you can see its straps which are flexible and at the same time very soft which do not allow to hurt your ankles. These straps keep your feet with a strong but soft grip.

Although, I loved these shoe but was still bit conscious that if I wear them, it might hurt my finger but thanks God it was not like that. The original price of this pair was I think £20. but I bought it from sale so I got them on half price.
Now, after buying such things from the shops like New Look I think I am going to be prudent and after buying such lovely shoes I visit them on regular basis in order to get something new and different according to my choice.

Friday, 10 June 2011

The Body Shop.

Since I have started writing the blogs, I always intend to have something new to write for. But I never try to see the things I already have. So, I decided to take out all the stuff I have got and should share with you through my blogs:)

Yesterday, I was just trying to clean my make up shelves and I found a lot of stuff which I hardly use due to extra things I have on. The most favorite cosmetic was behind my hand and body lotions. My most wanted thing is my Body Butter from The Body Shop which I bought few months before.

This body butter and scrub are very soft and gentle while applying (you can see there are less scrubs due to its usage). After washing body its effect is really smooth and kind.

Sometimes I am really lazy in doing all these things because of cold weather but I feel these products are best to use in cold weather. In such weather it happens when we wash our hands or arms, they are bit dry and looks dry even after applying lotions.

 But this butter is best for arms and body which kept the body moisture all the time and did not allow dryness to take place on our body. I like all the cosmetics of The Body shop specially the fragrances they have for rooms. After using these, I am sure I am going to be the regular visitor and customer of The Body Shop.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

New Look Manicure

I always think about the matching nail polish whenever I buy any dress. I think nail polish is important as other accessories like shoes (most important) and matching ear rings and bracelets etc; I am very keen to buying nail polishes but now my inspiration is liloo who is really perfect in describing about nail polish and how to apply. She even describes each and every thing of a specific nail polish.

So, I decided to write about the nail polish as well, which I bought from new look and its worth £3.50. I, actually, went to buy something else but I bought this nail polish. I applied nail polish and then I put some sticker on the nail to make them more attractive.

I like this colour because of its brightness and its real colour reflection. After applying this nail colour. I was really happy with the result after dried. I was very hesitant to apply such colour because I was not really sure of the results. Now a days, it going to be the trend of dark colours like drak purple, orange and bright lemon colours.
But new look nail colour did not disappointed at all. It dried very quickly and was perfectly match with the dress I intend to wear. I wore light purple dress and applied this dark colour which was matched according to the occasion at night. I think it was best colour to match with a clash colour.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Shimmery Glitter: Eyes and Lips

Since I been writing, I bought many thing and wrote about them. I have something more interesting in my pictures collection and almost daily I planned to share with you. Today, I finally thought to write about that stuff.

This is dazzling shimmer which are very much nice in colour and much more shine which we desire now a days. I got this one as a gift and it is from Debenhams. There are 12 colours in this small kit which are perfectly designed for lips and eyes.

he small brush is originally designed to apply on lips as well as on eyes in a fine way. The colours are really nice to apply according to the summer dresses. In the Summer I use them as lip gloss, whereas, in the winter I used these colors as eye liner.

After using theses as eyeliner, I felt something about them and that is long lasting stay. When I used as eyeliner, it stayed as a waterproof liner and reflected the same colour as in the kit.
Most of the time, when we apply shimmery or glossy colour, they usually not look as they seem in the kit. But as a lip gloss it may not stay for long or may this is only my problem that the lipstick does not stay for a long time on my lips. I must say this is a good stuff in make up and I keep it in my hand bag, so that it can help me to freshen my lip gloss and eyeliner.