Monday, 13 June 2011

My Favorite shoes.

I used to buy my clothes and shoes from different shops and I always compare them with each other in quality. Since I bought some things from New Look, I found a difference in my collection. Honestly, I never pay heed to my cousin's opinion about H&M and New Look. But I realized that I should have bought my stuff long ago from these shops.

Theses are my favorite shoes which I bought from New Look. I was just wandering for a stylish dress but I could not find that one. I walked to the shoe section and trying to find some thing else. Suddenly, I found this pair which was really fit in my feet. I wouldn't mind to use the word 'crush'for this pair because I just madly wanted to buy them.

I loved this colour because I have a dress of same colour so, it was suitable with that one. It looks very glamorous with that dress.

Just look at its heel, this is very stylish and comfortable. Although, it is kitty heel and not very much long but still it looks very sexy with my matching dress.
In below picture you can see its straps which are flexible and at the same time very soft which do not allow to hurt your ankles. These straps keep your feet with a strong but soft grip.

Although, I loved these shoe but was still bit conscious that if I wear them, it might hurt my finger but thanks God it was not like that. The original price of this pair was I think £20. but I bought it from sale so I got them on half price.
Now, after buying such things from the shops like New Look I think I am going to be prudent and after buying such lovely shoes I visit them on regular basis in order to get something new and different according to my choice.

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