Monday, 6 June 2011

Shimmery Glitter: Eyes and Lips

Since I been writing, I bought many thing and wrote about them. I have something more interesting in my pictures collection and almost daily I planned to share with you. Today, I finally thought to write about that stuff.

This is dazzling shimmer which are very much nice in colour and much more shine which we desire now a days. I got this one as a gift and it is from Debenhams. There are 12 colours in this small kit which are perfectly designed for lips and eyes.

he small brush is originally designed to apply on lips as well as on eyes in a fine way. The colours are really nice to apply according to the summer dresses. In the Summer I use them as lip gloss, whereas, in the winter I used these colors as eye liner.

After using theses as eyeliner, I felt something about them and that is long lasting stay. When I used as eyeliner, it stayed as a waterproof liner and reflected the same colour as in the kit.
Most of the time, when we apply shimmery or glossy colour, they usually not look as they seem in the kit. But as a lip gloss it may not stay for long or may this is only my problem that the lipstick does not stay for a long time on my lips. I must say this is a good stuff in make up and I keep it in my hand bag, so that it can help me to freshen my lip gloss and eyeliner.

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