Friday, 10 June 2011

The Body Shop.

Since I have started writing the blogs, I always intend to have something new to write for. But I never try to see the things I already have. So, I decided to take out all the stuff I have got and should share with you through my blogs:)

Yesterday, I was just trying to clean my make up shelves and I found a lot of stuff which I hardly use due to extra things I have on. The most favorite cosmetic was behind my hand and body lotions. My most wanted thing is my Body Butter from The Body Shop which I bought few months before.

This body butter and scrub are very soft and gentle while applying (you can see there are less scrubs due to its usage). After washing body its effect is really smooth and kind.

Sometimes I am really lazy in doing all these things because of cold weather but I feel these products are best to use in cold weather. In such weather it happens when we wash our hands or arms, they are bit dry and looks dry even after applying lotions.

 But this butter is best for arms and body which kept the body moisture all the time and did not allow dryness to take place on our body. I like all the cosmetics of The Body shop specially the fragrances they have for rooms. After using these, I am sure I am going to be the regular visitor and customer of The Body Shop.

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