Monday, 29 August 2011

What is in my bag???

Today is lazy day as it is bank holiday so my post is about my stuff which is most important to me.I go out daily for my job and sometimes I get late to home and sometimes early in time. But its not really easy to look fresh till end of the day or till to reach home. We can't keep the things with us all the time so, the hand bags are best products for today's girls.

These are the things which I have in my bags all the time. I have missed 2 things and that are my keys and mobile phone. I could not take a picture of mobile phone because these picture are taken from my LG phone. I have this stuff to carry in the bag as it is necessary for me all the time.

Although my make up is fresh for day and I rarely freshen my make up.But sometimes I have to go to my aunt's place from my job and have to buy some stuff for my home like some shopping,so, its better to refresh my lipstick.

 I have two lipsticks, one is pink and other one is light brown or nude. I have got two lip gloss one from rimmel and one bought from superdrug. One hand lotion, WH Smith notebook, a pen my wallet with my cards and some money, rimmel kajal and small mirror. These are the things which I have in my bag, what is in your bag?????

Saturday, 20 August 2011

H&M Accessories.

I was planning to buy some more accessories for myself when I came across H&M and its accessories and make up. I saw new bands and some of bracelets and more of them. Most admirable thing which I saw there, was a pack of rings that was very attractive.

There are about 10 rings which are thin and are very glamorous to wear. I bought them for £2.50 only, these rings are in silver colour and some of them have little stones and some of them have self printing with black texture, while most are plain and have nothing on them.

Its really good to have a lot of rings like them so, we could swap and wear them by changing according to the event. But such kind of jewellery is suitable for casual days and casual events.
I have seen the make up in store but I am not much happy with H&M cosmetics as it does not look very luxury. I used their eye shadows which are very powdery and did not merged and mix into the skin. I was really unhappy with the result. There is no doubt about their clothes and dresses which are incredible in quality and design. I love them.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Lovely Mascaras.

Hi Girls...
Before I write something about my chosen topic, I wanted to share that the riots which have been occurred in result of murder,are really sad. Its a peaceful city with good laws and it really bad for the people who are indirectly victims and their properties are being smashed. I pray for peace and calmness for the city and the people.
My today's post is about my mascaras which I use on daily basis and for special events. I had many brands in mascaras but all were not satisfactory and I made my decision to bring change to my make up box. Right now I am using four brands of mascara which are wonderful and I am very happy with the results.

                                               Rimmel super Lash mascara

                                               collection 2000 XXL Volume

                                                   Etude Long Lash (Blue)

These are three mascaras which are my favorite and very gentle in their application. Rimmel and collection 2000 mascaras are black in colour. I have same rimmel mascara in brown colour as well. The Etude mascara is in blue colour which is my most favorite. I love its colour and the finishing which comes after applying, is remarkable.

These are my favorite four mascaras and three of them are bought by me and the one in silver is I got as a gift from my cousin on my birthday. But unfortunately I don't know the name and its not written on its lid or anywhere. Its black and dark black which I do not use daily, but use on special events. After applying it, my lashes really look too long and thick.
There was a time when I was not crazy for make up specially for mascaras. But now I think without mascara your make up is not complete. Its important part of eye make up and your eyes look gorgeous and very very sexy. I love my eyes and make up products I use are all very good. I hope you also have something specific you love, if yes then whats that????

Monday, 8 August 2011

A Review on my Ear rings.

I am a make up lover but there is no doubt about my passion for fashionable accessories as well. Whenever I go out to buy something, I always inclined to the area where there is jewellery. Today, I am going to write about my ear rings which are my favorite all time.

These are my ear rings which are black in colour but there are silver stones all over them and are suitable for black dresses as well as silver.
I am a huge fan of rounded ear rings and hanging. I have a large collection of ear rings in round shape in different colors as I am crazy about them. And I think they suite me more.

These are 9 pair altogether which are only in same shape but different colours. I like simple silver rings as I can wear them with any dress of mine, even any t-shirt.

These are my red ear ring which are one of my favorite. The bright red colour is so appealing and sexy at the same time.
I always prefer some jewellery while going out specially ear rings are my first preference. You know its not hard to decide and select ear rings when you have a collection like this. I always pick a pair which is perfectly match or near to match my dress and I wear them. These all are very light weight to carry, and are not irritating as some of the accessories are. I also have ear rings in hanging but I will show you sometime. I hope you like my collection. xx!

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Rimmel: get the London look 3/3

Hey Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Today I am going to write final about rimmel make up. To be honest, its really hard to get sticky with same things or same topics to write continuously. I have shared my experience about rimmel make up and overall its wonderful. As you know I always talk about eye make up specifically and I love to focus my eyes. So, today's post is again about eye make up from rimmel.

This Glam'Eye liner is one of my favorite as it so sleek and shiny as well. I do not struggle to apply this liner as it is liquid and that is why, its really soft to apply. It's colour is between pink and purple.
 When I applied this on my eye lid with my matching dress, it looked very glamorous on my eyes. Its shimmer is incredible and perfect for day and night party. 
This Glam'Eye liquid liner I bought from superdrug as I am a big fan of that shop. I did not apply heavy make on my eyes, light tone make up and then a touch of this liner and also put some black mascara on your lashes and you have got a charming look.

This is mascara which is also from rimmel. It is Extra super lash mascara which really thickens your lashes to give a glamorous look. I use eye liner on daily basis and also mascara. 
But sometimes I do not apply liner and apply only mascara to prominent my lashes and in that way, my eyes look more broader than usual:) I love this mascara because of its thick and nice brush which helps its liquid to stick and stay on the lashes. It gives a glam look to the eyes and sexy as well. I have a lot of mascaras and this is one of my bests. Whats you best?