Saturday, 20 August 2011

H&M Accessories.

I was planning to buy some more accessories for myself when I came across H&M and its accessories and make up. I saw new bands and some of bracelets and more of them. Most admirable thing which I saw there, was a pack of rings that was very attractive.

There are about 10 rings which are thin and are very glamorous to wear. I bought them for £2.50 only, these rings are in silver colour and some of them have little stones and some of them have self printing with black texture, while most are plain and have nothing on them.

Its really good to have a lot of rings like them so, we could swap and wear them by changing according to the event. But such kind of jewellery is suitable for casual days and casual events.
I have seen the make up in store but I am not much happy with H&M cosmetics as it does not look very luxury. I used their eye shadows which are very powdery and did not merged and mix into the skin. I was really unhappy with the result. There is no doubt about their clothes and dresses which are incredible in quality and design. I love them.

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  1. Oooh! Love your cluster rings. You are right about H&M's cosmetics line is really not worth it. Check out e.l.f cosmetics. Not only are these cheap but are of high quality and great dupes for expensive makeup lines like NARS, MAC, Stilla etc.