Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Lovely Mascaras.

Hi Girls...
Before I write something about my chosen topic, I wanted to share that the riots which have been occurred in result of murder,are really sad. Its a peaceful city with good laws and it really bad for the people who are indirectly victims and their properties are being smashed. I pray for peace and calmness for the city and the people.
My today's post is about my mascaras which I use on daily basis and for special events. I had many brands in mascaras but all were not satisfactory and I made my decision to bring change to my make up box. Right now I am using four brands of mascara which are wonderful and I am very happy with the results.

                                               Rimmel super Lash mascara

                                               collection 2000 XXL Volume

                                                   Etude Long Lash (Blue)

These are three mascaras which are my favorite and very gentle in their application. Rimmel and collection 2000 mascaras are black in colour. I have same rimmel mascara in brown colour as well. The Etude mascara is in blue colour which is my most favorite. I love its colour and the finishing which comes after applying, is remarkable.

These are my favorite four mascaras and three of them are bought by me and the one in silver is I got as a gift from my cousin on my birthday. But unfortunately I don't know the name and its not written on its lid or anywhere. Its black and dark black which I do not use daily, but use on special events. After applying it, my lashes really look too long and thick.
There was a time when I was not crazy for make up specially for mascaras. But now I think without mascara your make up is not complete. Its important part of eye make up and your eyes look gorgeous and very very sexy. I love my eyes and make up products I use are all very good. I hope you also have something specific you love, if yes then whats that????

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