Thursday, 4 August 2011

Rimmel: get the London look 3/3

Hey Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Today I am going to write final about rimmel make up. To be honest, its really hard to get sticky with same things or same topics to write continuously. I have shared my experience about rimmel make up and overall its wonderful. As you know I always talk about eye make up specifically and I love to focus my eyes. So, today's post is again about eye make up from rimmel.

This Glam'Eye liner is one of my favorite as it so sleek and shiny as well. I do not struggle to apply this liner as it is liquid and that is why, its really soft to apply. It's colour is between pink and purple.
 When I applied this on my eye lid with my matching dress, it looked very glamorous on my eyes. Its shimmer is incredible and perfect for day and night party. 
This Glam'Eye liquid liner I bought from superdrug as I am a big fan of that shop. I did not apply heavy make on my eyes, light tone make up and then a touch of this liner and also put some black mascara on your lashes and you have got a charming look.

This is mascara which is also from rimmel. It is Extra super lash mascara which really thickens your lashes to give a glamorous look. I use eye liner on daily basis and also mascara. 
But sometimes I do not apply liner and apply only mascara to prominent my lashes and in that way, my eyes look more broader than usual:) I love this mascara because of its thick and nice brush which helps its liquid to stick and stay on the lashes. It gives a glam look to the eyes and sexy as well. I have a lot of mascaras and this is one of my bests. Whats you best?

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