Sunday, 31 July 2011

Rimmel: get the London look 2/3

Hi there,
I was about go to bed for a tight sleep but I thought to write something which was not done on this weekend. I know its gonna be not very much long but too short to read:)
As I stated in my previous blog that I am going to write about the rimmel make up, so this is second part of that. Well, its all about rimmel eye liner/pencil.

I have used these pencils to for blending my kajal and its really wonderful as it is very much soft which even does not feel as if you are applying something in your eyes. I have black pencils in rimmel and I also have maybelline pencil in black and brown both.

I don't know what had happened to my camera, the images I have taken are not as clear as they were in that. I think I need to get new one, that is the reason I got many images from the site of rimmel and superdrug. I must say these are incredible, I am very crazy about eye make up, so, I have a large number of collection in eye make up and specially eye liner and pencils. What do you have in large collection???

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful review. emm...I guess mine would be too faced eye shadow palettes and MAC lipsticks. I think rimmel makes the BEST matte pressed powder ever. I have tries some from higher brands but rimmel's is THE best.