Friday, 8 July 2011

A handy bank

Last week I went to White City(West field) for shopping. I was intend to buy clothes and pair of shoes as well. But as usual, I did not find anything special or anything which I wanted to buy. There were sales on every next step but alas!!! there was nothing which could grab quickly. 
But I bought other stuff in jeweler and purse. I went to Dorothy Perkins with no intention to buy anything regarding bag or wallet. When I entered in the shop, Oh my God, there were sales on everything from clothes to shoes and hand bags to jeweler. So, I picked a wallet which was really nice and I admired that very much.

I must say this was the most attracted wallet among all the bags, for many weeks I was trying to get such wallet but I could not get according to my choice. When I saw this one, I was very excited and ready to buy but my husband chose another which was just ok. So, after a long discussion I decided to buy this one. I love the colour and the texture. I like its parts which made me crazy about it.

You can see it texture, its not completely brown nor it is black. The main or dominant colour is brown and there are dark brown spots which are large enough to notice. I like it because I can keep money as well as my all cards of mine.

This magnetic button helps to keep wallet safe and does not allow it to be open in any way.

Look at the design, its so simple and so decent at the same time. The golden dots and arch style on dark colour really made this wallet beautiful and enough decent to carry in the hand. I keep it in my bag and keep my money and bank cards in this wallet. In sale it was £7.00 so I did not wasted a single minute to buy it because it was last piece in the shop. This is my little hand bank, what do you think what is yours?

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  1. very nice wallet. Love it. Mine is from mango its aubergine in color.