Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Get The Look Competition.

 Hey guys, being a member of superdrug’s site I always visit to know more about the new make up and new deals. This time I came to know about the “Get the Look Competition”. I created my own look for a party make up, using all the products from superdrug. I always wanted to write for superdrug and tried to get in but I could not. So, again I am trying and thinking positive.
I created smoky look for a party.


First of all I used the Rimmel foundation and blush from collection 2000. I applied Pink eye dust on my eyelid and in the middle, I applied blue eye dust and blended. In the last I applied black eye shadow and blended it onto my brows. All colours are from collection 2000. Black mascara and eye liner are from collection 2000 and eye definer is from rimmel.


I applied dark lip liner as a lipstick to give a bright look and that is from maybelline and that is glamorous as well.  I hope you guys like this look which I created by using make up from superdrug.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

New Trend among Celebs.

It has been seen that many people adapt only that specific style which their favorites got. Probably, they want to look like them and some of them are successful in doing this. Now a days, new trend is on and that is big hair among celebrities and many people are following them.
It is hard to say that every thing is made for every one and is suitable for all. Most of the time it happens when you like something but doesn't suit on you. All the old fashions and trends are going to popular again just like 50's flair and now big hair.

                                                             Rihana with Big red hair

Apart of singing, Rihanna's styles are always been very popular and she been very famous for her styles. Once again her new big hair are a topic to talk about. I think, this time, she is more good looking as compared to her previous look while having straight hairs.
Let's talk about the other celebs who are also following the oldies to get more attention. I like to wear an old get up but I also believe that the fashion must suits you. I already mentioned in my one of old blogs "I think fashion is not something always to adapt but this is something which suits you". I also like retro and its good to have it back because we can enjoy old and new, the both styles.

                                                         Sarah jessica paker in big blond hair

I don't know what to say about her style but I think its more bigger than her face. I am sorry to say but but its a fact and I hope her fans will also realize this fact, her hair style is not suitable for her according to her shape.

                                                                                 Sparkling Stars
                                                                             Cheryl Cole

These sparkling stars are in new look just like others but I like Cheryl Cole most. She is looking very gorgeous in her new look. Although, she has lost some weight it could effect on her new look but instead of looking skinny she looked awesome and more cute. 
It seems as the old style she had adapted is made for her only. She looked incredible in her new and devastating looks which suits on her even more than her previous one. I don't know I am gonna have big hair or not but the one she has got, is really remarkable.


Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Beauty services.

Life is being very busy and  fast and in this fashionable age, all are intend to keep themselves fresh and wanna look more fashionable while working. Many people do not have much time to go different saloons for their temporary fashion and style.
So, most of the people have their own stuff to get ready within the minutes and superdrug is playing a vital role in it. The cosmetics which is available in the sore is quiet well and worthy to use. Similarly, I wanted to do something with my nails but honestly I did not want to go anywhere.
I wanted to do a manicure and I know its very expensive in the saloons. Therefore, I decided to do that myself and I went to superdruge get manicure set. I saw many sets but my preference was separate nail polishes. So, I choose two nail enamels.

                                                  Nail Expert Manicure (anti bite treatment)    

                                                  Etvoila Nail Tip Whitener (extra white effect)

Theses two nail colours are very fine and easy to apply. It was really smooth and the brush of white colour is in well cut shaped which is slightly tilt which is perfect to give a shape on the edge of the nail. It was fine in applying.
I know its not easy to give a good shape with nail colour without a tool or sticker which helps to give a shape. I have done this before but it was a long time. I did this manicure and it stayed foe a week and during this week I worked in the kitchen and some other things.
I must say these colours are very nice and worthy to use them. I am planning to buy some more nail colours, and share my experience with all of you.


Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Debenhams Deal.

Debenhams has always been one of my favorite stores. Shopping is every one's first choice and Debenhams has a good name. I been there for a long time, I went to Oxford Street and also visited Debenhams.  Its followers know very well about the deals and reduced prices, after every 3 to 6 months.

Last time I visited and I loved the make up boxes they had. There was also a box of lip gloss which was really nice but I did not buy them. The thing which I liked most was a body (shimmer) balm. I still remember, I was stick to that place where I found that one.

There were many colours according to the skin tone and complexion, I choose which is matching with my skin and it worked really well. Its price was £8.00 but I bought this on half price.

I applied this balm on my arms, while I was going to my relatives in evening. It was very smooth and soft while applying with the help of that black sponge. Its shine is admirable that arms look very sexy. This sponge is quiet soft and gentle but I noticed that the sponge sucks this balm more than applying. But still not bad.

Everything about this box is really favorable for me. I have a large collection of lip pencils and eye pencils, so its a suitable box even after utilizing:)

Monday, 16 May 2011

New Dress

Now a days it seems as sun forgets to shine with its sparkling and bright beams and deliberately teasing us. This is summer and many people like me are sitting in their beds due to cold weather:) Many other people who planned about summer's sunny days, must be not happy because they are not getting any chance to wear new clothes specially bought for summer.

 Dresses like shorts, mini skirts and frocks are the ideal dresses for summer and people like to wear. Shopping lovers already bought such things for themselves so that if they need to go somewhere, no need to think just open the wardrobe and decides to wear a nice one.

I am also one of them who preplanned for summer but I am not happy. This week I could not get a chance to wear my new dresses, I am still waiting for a bright and sunny day. Last month I went to Camden Town and bought some dresses for me. I wore only one frock on one family get together.

It looked very large while hanging but after wearing I tired up with the help of belt which is already sued with the sides. I like fabric and print which are very suitable according to the summer. There are dark flowers and also combination with light blue colour.
White colour is again very summery colour and all colours are my favorite.

According to the weather and occasion I did make up, and big ear rings.

The thing which I like most about this dress is its sleeves. Its very stylish giving a look like sleeveless but its not. The sleeves are little big and wide because it suits.

This dress is not very much short and not long, its up to knees which is perfect I think. Its back is suitable for its fitting because sleeves are little in baggy style, so, it does not have a tunnel style. I did not wear skinny jeans but I wore black leggings which I bought from new look for summer.

I am desperately waiting for sunny days,so, I can make an effort to go somewhere instead of sitting in my bed all the time...

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Best for summer.

Hey guys!!! I am bit upset due to my blogs and some problems with them. I am trying to write and publish my posts but I could not save it any more. There is a code which appears on the screen while publishing, thats why, I could not publish anything for a long time.

Anyway, I have bought some new cosmetics and wanted to share with you but because of that problem I could not. I have bought some make up for myself as I am a make up lover. 
As we all know that collection 2000 is a famous name for not only its prices but also for the quality of make up. I like this brand very well because I like the products they introduce.

 I bought many things but today I will talk about only its Mosaic shimmering glow powder which is really a fantastic thing. I never used powder and I never tried to. But I bought this one for the first time taking a risk because powder does not suit on my skin. When I used  this shimmering glow powder on my face I found it really nice.

I bought this one just according to my complexion, not too much dark not very white. 

As you can see there is a variety of colours to manage with skin tone. But sometimes I apply the dark colour on my eyes as eyeshadow with the help of my finger tip. There are four colours with shimmer and applicable for almost every day occasion.

In summer season mostly people love to look like tanned and I think this is best for face specially for those who are choosy and very conscious in selecting their make up because its good and does not dry your skin at all, in any weather. 

I never applied this on my face directly, I always apply some foundation and light make up then I apply on and it gives a natural impact and also very glamorous look as well. My preference has always been a look with light make up. 

I use to apply very natural blush but my eye make up is always little dark as compare to my lipstick and my blush. I bought it from superdrug as there is always a huge collection of new make up and cosmetics and even everything. After using this shimmer I decided to buy more make from the same company collection 2000. I hope other make up is also good and I'd like them too.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

M.A.C Lover...

Make up is been always my first love and I am a big fan of MAC since I used it. I have got mac lip pencils which are not only nice in colour but also very smooth in applying. I haven't got much make up from MAC because I have rimmel make up. MAC has its own different and unique trends .

There are two pencils, both are my favorite and I often use them. They are applicable for lips and eyes as well. So, I use the brown one as a lip pencil and the silver one I use as eyeliner. These colours are very good and suitable for every occasion. I apply them for a casual look which I always prefer in my daily life routine.
I would love to have more make up from MAC but honestly its bit expensive than other brands. But I am sure as I am crazy about make up I will buy them soon.