Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Make up trail.

As we all know that Fashion is changing everyday and you have to be enough adaptable to carry anything related to new trends. So, I am also trying to get the look for summer: a perfect look. I don't know why my skin is now dry and therefore, my foundation does not match with my skin. Even after make it still looks like white patches on my skin. I tried to give a formal/casual look by focusing my eyes and light make up according to the weather, Summer.
By applying Rimmel mousses I tried to have the look I wanted to have. I used mousse and spread it with the help of my finger's tip. It was more easy to apply with your tip.
                                                                         Sassy 08
It is final look after applying sassy 08.

I applied my favorite eyeliner from crayon which I apply with a small fine brush and it really helps me to get a look I want.

I really love that mascara which I got as a gift from Sherin on my birthday. 
It is my favorite blush which I bought from Peacocks...I know it sounds strange but its fact I bought it from peacocks and it works very good.

I applied this blush on for a natural look. I preferred dark pink shadow which is slightly shimmery.
Final step:to apply lipstick. But I did not apply single colour, I mixed two colours to look more natural. It was light pink and dark skin colour. Then I applied my favorite rimmel lip gloss on it. was my look.

I hope you like it.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

New Rimmel Mousse

Hey guys, I am very excited about my new make up from rimmel. It is a kind of mousses which is suitable for the eyes. Rimmel claims that it stays for 8 hours but its not true....because it stays more than 8 hours yay!!!
Yesterday I had to go on two places and had enough time to come back home to refresh my make make up. So, I decide to try my new mousse for whole day and I was successful. I was really glad when I came back about 9.00pm it was still as fresh as it was in 1st hour.

I have got two colours in it, one is Glitz and the other is Sassy. I wore sassy which was really good and decent enough according to my event.

You might not can see the clear image because there is blur in it but you can see this image and the colour properly which I have and I am excited about.
This mousse is very useful product for the make up lovers like me:) because you can use it even with the pores of your finger and can apply easily. It looks very much wet but this is not the case, when you are going to apply, it dries within seconds. Its a kind of magic and I found it very magical.

Shoe Mania.

                     Christian Louboutin
If you think about shoes as an accessory, then you need to be very careful in choosing the best. The trends are changing within the year and you not only change the style but also walk with new fashions and trends.You need to know information about the latest trends of shoes in order to keep in touch with fashion and style throughout the season. I have noticed that many brands are busy to introduce something new and different which should be the best for people. 

This image is from Ruthie Davis' spring/summer shoe collection 2011. There is a fine blending of bright colours according to the summer. The colours and the heels are evidence of trend and are worthy to wear in a formal gathering.
There are some pumps style which are again worthy to wear at a casual event and the bright colours are perfect for summer dresses.
The other collection is from Louis Vuitton and the shoes I loved for its simplicity and decency at the same time.
The Brands are famous for the design and definitely for the name. Apart of that, these are not affordable for everyone. I mean many people like the shoes but are not able to buy because these are very expensive. AS the next image from  same brand, is my favorite  and I love this one.

I like this one because it looks very delicate and stylish. It's heel is very different in a curvy style and the strips added more beauty. It is artifice sandal of leather and worth of £1,020.00
All these footwear are fabulous and worthy to wear but alas!!! it is not range of every body but they are liked by everybody. There are more images of stylish footwear of designers.
I like the combination of the colours which are perfectly matched with summer outfits and the heels are very delicate and pretty enough to wear at events. There was a time when Prada was on the peak but by the time its value was down by the rising of new brands. But still it is a demanding brand and they have new summer collection somewhat like this.
It is prada candy which is colourful according to the summer colours and still famous among those who are big fan of prada and always like to wear them. Let's see which is new upcoming brand this summer? Or may be the previous are going to be popular.
Tia xx!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Birthday Party.

Like everyone I was also waiting for my birthday this month. I celebrated on Sunday,17th April. All my relatives came with gifts.I arranged at my aunt's home and therefore she also helped me.
Although, it was not a big party because of few guests but it was fun. I prepared chicken and potato ball and chicken. There were many things to eat like pizza, chips, fries and chicks as well.  I wore my traditional dress because the weather was really good on Sunday so, that dress was good enough.

It is see through stuff and there is work of silver stones and pearls. My eye make up is clearly smoky with light  colour of lipstick. All my relatives came and I am really thankful.

This is carrot and walnut cake with cheese.

I cut the cake and ate myself, all were cheering.

Now there is list of the gifts I have received from all my family members. This is perfume my uncle gave to me.

The next bag I got from sherin, was like wow for me because there were many thing for me and I was thinking to buy:) 

This is blush with multi colours and also can be used a bronzer.

The next thing was mascara in the bag which is really awesome and really perfect for me.
There was a pair of ear rings, I loved that because it is really my style so,
Last but not least gift in the bag was sunglasses I was planning to have new one but thanks to Sherin  who gave me on my birthday.

Apart these gifts, I got a lot of money and gift vouchers and soon I am going to buy many things according to the fashion and trends.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Lip Gloss:a need.

A most common and popular item in make up is Lip gloss among all the womens and girls. It gives a most glamorous impression to others. A lip gloss is going to be an important part of ladies purse, we can be found it in the hand bags or purse as a need of a girl.


                                                                 Rimmel Lip Gloss

  These are most favorite lip gloss, which I love to use on daily basis but I prefer the brown one most. The reason to use brown one is its decent touch on lips. Other one is sexy pink which is really a sharp colour and I often use it on special events:)

I use these gloss after wearing lipstick. If you use a very dull colour of lipstick like skin, dull pink and rust and then apply this gloss. There are small bits of shimmer which really make your lips heavenly. I bought these lip gloss from superdrug
If you are focusing your eyes with dark make an impression of smoky eyes then do not apply lipstick but a lip gloss for more sexier appearance. If you want to apply lipstick I still suggest to apply gloss on so that makes you fresh and charming.
Use of lip gloss gives a soft touch of slightly naughty and sexy even at a most decent occasion.Its a desire of women to have sexy look in her personality as men also like to flattering around  a sexy butterfly. The trend to decorate yourself was as old as human history but now it is changed according to its need. If you have never thought about it before,then you can see top ten women(actresses) who are famous for their sexy lip. The most popular are:
Angeline Jolie
                                                                  Anne Hathaway
                                                                      Jenifer Garner
Jessica Alba
So,these womens are famous for their beauty and sexy lips are also a topic to talk about them. So that lip gloss play a vital role to make your lips bright and shinny. 

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Fun at Library

Why we all want to have fun at party? Of course, it is a need of every single person, when we are fed up from daily life routine. But fun at Library sounds strange!!! On Thursday 7th April, there was a small get together at Wood Green Library. All the students were invited and allowed to bring anything.
All the teachers and students danced, a teacher danced very well and all were amused by others. Unfortunately I was bit late and could not took part in dancing. There were a lot of things to eat and drinks. I ate very different things even I do not know the names. People from different regions brought their traditional food which was really good.

I accompanied by my teacher and classmates. My teacher's name is Sandra Schneidel and she is really a nice person. She briefly told us about all the members working for Library. She also introduced us with different people there who are masters in their fields.

                                                                       Sandra and Me
I was wearing white net top and white ear rings with light pink make up. It was little formal according to the party. With white top, I was wearing blue jeans and kitty heel with white-silver stones which added more formal look. I wore blue jeans because it was day time so I was not intend to be complete formal so, my ble jeans gave an impression of casual.

It was a great fun to meet new people and I got a chance to know more about different things and courses within Library. I with my friend went to shopping for her. We did a lot of thing together and had fun. It was a great time.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Forever comfortable and stylish

Do you know why a girl would be tempted to live in just maxi dresses all summer long? By adding the style, print and colour a maxi dress is for every event or occasion. Some of the women think that maxi dresses are not suitable for them as being a working woman. But most of women think a maxi dress not only adds style in their personality but also make them charming and trendy apart from appearing fabulous.
It depends on you how imaginative you are to create your own style according to the event, whether it is a formal party, a get together or Friday night with friends or a sexy date?
If you are with friends then definitely no need to be formal and a casual look is best.
Wearing the Boohoo maxi dress with Boots and a jacket from Zara makes you more bright and fit for the event. Its tie and dye colours mixing and style totally differs and gives you a dynamic blend of colours and perfect look for a summer night.
The girls who are professional and often got to go in parties can wear such maxi dresses on that vary party or event. Wearing such dress at work, depends on the company's dress code and using the right fabric and print you can wear a maxi. Be sure not to wear loud and dark colours  but plain and decent colour gives a fabulous look. By wearing a cardigan or Blazer it will give add more professional touch with high heels,it makes you that how nicely you manage a maxi with heels.
By choosing the right fabric, print and colour you can be your own designer. It is not necessary to  wear a black colour. As I said according to the company's code you can choose other colour to differentiate yourself from others and look more stylish.
An office can quickly be changed to an evening with friends, so make it you want by adding some accessories and you might untie your hair for a casual time from a formal one. It is real fun to get sudden change.
Time to go with your date?Its not a big deal. Maxi dresses can offer a classy, floral, casual and sexy look again by making the right choice. For such event always be sure about right colour and the effects of it. Be nice and decent 
with colours and style which adds magical impact. 

Wearing this kind of maxi dress adds colourful impression in your personality and it also does not give a extraordinary impact of colours. You look more sexy with nice ear rings and bit heavy accessories for arms and a large ring from new look.

So there you are!!! a maxi dress for every event can you can see how much trendy it is going to be in this summer and its up to you how you add colours in your personality by chossing right fabric for right occasion.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

An Evening at Hollywood Bowl

Last night I played at Hollywood Bowling after a long time. It seemed as I was playing for the first time because I left this game 5 years ago. During this time period, I never played and yesterday I felt as I don't know how to play:( Well, I had two frinds with me and both were fabulous and I was ashamed. 

But when we started playing I was really surprised that I played well and was hitting the bowls directly. I think twice or thrice bowl did not go straight but after that it was being focused on bowls. It was real fun there and it seemed to me as the time is flying for this game:) 

In the end I was second and was near to win but had a more strong partner with us. It was amazing when the did not believe I played after a long time. We chit-chat and played other games as shooing, basket ball and terminator salvation etc, honestly I don't like such games in which there is blood-shed and brutality.

I was expecting to hit all the bottles but I did not meet my expectations and two were left at the end and it was my last turn. Over all it was great fun and I would love to go again soon.