Thursday, 21 April 2011

Shoe Mania.

                     Christian Louboutin
If you think about shoes as an accessory, then you need to be very careful in choosing the best. The trends are changing within the year and you not only change the style but also walk with new fashions and trends.You need to know information about the latest trends of shoes in order to keep in touch with fashion and style throughout the season. I have noticed that many brands are busy to introduce something new and different which should be the best for people. 

This image is from Ruthie Davis' spring/summer shoe collection 2011. There is a fine blending of bright colours according to the summer. The colours and the heels are evidence of trend and are worthy to wear in a formal gathering.
There are some pumps style which are again worthy to wear at a casual event and the bright colours are perfect for summer dresses.
The other collection is from Louis Vuitton and the shoes I loved for its simplicity and decency at the same time.
The Brands are famous for the design and definitely for the name. Apart of that, these are not affordable for everyone. I mean many people like the shoes but are not able to buy because these are very expensive. AS the next image from  same brand, is my favorite  and I love this one.

I like this one because it looks very delicate and stylish. It's heel is very different in a curvy style and the strips added more beauty. It is artifice sandal of leather and worth of £1,020.00
All these footwear are fabulous and worthy to wear but alas!!! it is not range of every body but they are liked by everybody. There are more images of stylish footwear of designers.
I like the combination of the colours which are perfectly matched with summer outfits and the heels are very delicate and pretty enough to wear at events. There was a time when Prada was on the peak but by the time its value was down by the rising of new brands. But still it is a demanding brand and they have new summer collection somewhat like this.
It is prada candy which is colourful according to the summer colours and still famous among those who are big fan of prada and always like to wear them. Let's see which is new upcoming brand this summer? Or may be the previous are going to be popular.
Tia xx!

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