Thursday, 7 April 2011

Forever comfortable and stylish

Do you know why a girl would be tempted to live in just maxi dresses all summer long? By adding the style, print and colour a maxi dress is for every event or occasion. Some of the women think that maxi dresses are not suitable for them as being a working woman. But most of women think a maxi dress not only adds style in their personality but also make them charming and trendy apart from appearing fabulous.
It depends on you how imaginative you are to create your own style according to the event, whether it is a formal party, a get together or Friday night with friends or a sexy date?
If you are with friends then definitely no need to be formal and a casual look is best.
Wearing the Boohoo maxi dress with Boots and a jacket from Zara makes you more bright and fit for the event. Its tie and dye colours mixing and style totally differs and gives you a dynamic blend of colours and perfect look for a summer night.
The girls who are professional and often got to go in parties can wear such maxi dresses on that vary party or event. Wearing such dress at work, depends on the company's dress code and using the right fabric and print you can wear a maxi. Be sure not to wear loud and dark colours  but plain and decent colour gives a fabulous look. By wearing a cardigan or Blazer it will give add more professional touch with high heels,it makes you that how nicely you manage a maxi with heels.
By choosing the right fabric, print and colour you can be your own designer. It is not necessary to  wear a black colour. As I said according to the company's code you can choose other colour to differentiate yourself from others and look more stylish.
An office can quickly be changed to an evening with friends, so make it you want by adding some accessories and you might untie your hair for a casual time from a formal one. It is real fun to get sudden change.
Time to go with your date?Its not a big deal. Maxi dresses can offer a classy, floral, casual and sexy look again by making the right choice. For such event always be sure about right colour and the effects of it. Be nice and decent 
with colours and style which adds magical impact. 

Wearing this kind of maxi dress adds colourful impression in your personality and it also does not give a extraordinary impact of colours. You look more sexy with nice ear rings and bit heavy accessories for arms and a large ring from new look.

So there you are!!! a maxi dress for every event can you can see how much trendy it is going to be in this summer and its up to you how you add colours in your personality by chossing right fabric for right occasion.

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