Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Lip Gloss:a need.

A most common and popular item in make up is Lip gloss among all the womens and girls. It gives a most glamorous impression to others. A lip gloss is going to be an important part of ladies purse, we can be found it in the hand bags or purse as a need of a girl.


                                                                 Rimmel Lip Gloss

  These are most favorite lip gloss, which I love to use on daily basis but I prefer the brown one most. The reason to use brown one is its decent touch on lips. Other one is sexy pink which is really a sharp colour and I often use it on special events:)

I use these gloss after wearing lipstick. If you use a very dull colour of lipstick like skin, dull pink and rust and then apply this gloss. There are small bits of shimmer which really make your lips heavenly. I bought these lip gloss from superdrug
If you are focusing your eyes with dark make an impression of smoky eyes then do not apply lipstick but a lip gloss for more sexier appearance. If you want to apply lipstick I still suggest to apply gloss on so that makes you fresh and charming.
Use of lip gloss gives a soft touch of slightly naughty and sexy even at a most decent occasion.Its a desire of women to have sexy look in her personality as men also like to flattering around  a sexy butterfly. The trend to decorate yourself was as old as human history but now it is changed according to its need. If you have never thought about it before,then you can see top ten women(actresses) who are famous for their sexy lip. The most popular are:
Angeline Jolie
                                                                  Anne Hathaway
                                                                      Jenifer Garner
Jessica Alba
So,these womens are famous for their beauty and sexy lips are also a topic to talk about them. So that lip gloss play a vital role to make your lips bright and shinny. 

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