Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Birthday Party.

Like everyone I was also waiting for my birthday this month. I celebrated on Sunday,17th April. All my relatives came with gifts.I arranged at my aunt's home and therefore she also helped me.
Although, it was not a big party because of few guests but it was fun. I prepared chicken and potato ball and chicken. There were many things to eat like pizza, chips, fries and chicks as well.  I wore my traditional dress because the weather was really good on Sunday so, that dress was good enough.

It is see through stuff and there is work of silver stones and pearls. My eye make up is clearly smoky with light  colour of lipstick. All my relatives came and I am really thankful.

This is carrot and walnut cake with cheese.

I cut the cake and ate myself, all were cheering.

Now there is list of the gifts I have received from all my family members. This is perfume my uncle gave to me.

The next bag I got from sherin, was like wow for me because there were many thing for me and I was thinking to buy:) 

This is blush with multi colours and also can be used a bronzer.

The next thing was mascara in the bag which is really awesome and really perfect for me.
There was a pair of ear rings, I loved that because it is really my style so,
Last but not least gift in the bag was sunglasses I was planning to have new one but thanks to Sherin  who gave me on my birthday.

Apart these gifts, I got a lot of money and gift vouchers and soon I am going to buy many things according to the fashion and trends.

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