Thursday, 21 April 2011

New Rimmel Mousse

Hey guys, I am very excited about my new make up from rimmel. It is a kind of mousses which is suitable for the eyes. Rimmel claims that it stays for 8 hours but its not true....because it stays more than 8 hours yay!!!
Yesterday I had to go on two places and had enough time to come back home to refresh my make make up. So, I decide to try my new mousse for whole day and I was successful. I was really glad when I came back about 9.00pm it was still as fresh as it was in 1st hour.

I have got two colours in it, one is Glitz and the other is Sassy. I wore sassy which was really good and decent enough according to my event.

You might not can see the clear image because there is blur in it but you can see this image and the colour properly which I have and I am excited about.
This mousse is very useful product for the make up lovers like me:) because you can use it even with the pores of your finger and can apply easily. It looks very much wet but this is not the case, when you are going to apply, it dries within seconds. Its a kind of magic and I found it very magical.

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