Sunday, 10 April 2011

Fun at Library

Why we all want to have fun at party? Of course, it is a need of every single person, when we are fed up from daily life routine. But fun at Library sounds strange!!! On Thursday 7th April, there was a small get together at Wood Green Library. All the students were invited and allowed to bring anything.
All the teachers and students danced, a teacher danced very well and all were amused by others. Unfortunately I was bit late and could not took part in dancing. There were a lot of things to eat and drinks. I ate very different things even I do not know the names. People from different regions brought their traditional food which was really good.

I accompanied by my teacher and classmates. My teacher's name is Sandra Schneidel and she is really a nice person. She briefly told us about all the members working for Library. She also introduced us with different people there who are masters in their fields.

                                                                       Sandra and Me
I was wearing white net top and white ear rings with light pink make up. It was little formal according to the party. With white top, I was wearing blue jeans and kitty heel with white-silver stones which added more formal look. I wore blue jeans because it was day time so I was not intend to be complete formal so, my ble jeans gave an impression of casual.

It was a great fun to meet new people and I got a chance to know more about different things and courses within Library. I with my friend went to shopping for her. We did a lot of thing together and had fun. It was a great time.

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