Saturday, 2 April 2011

An Evening at Hollywood Bowl

Last night I played at Hollywood Bowling after a long time. It seemed as I was playing for the first time because I left this game 5 years ago. During this time period, I never played and yesterday I felt as I don't know how to play:( Well, I had two frinds with me and both were fabulous and I was ashamed. 

But when we started playing I was really surprised that I played well and was hitting the bowls directly. I think twice or thrice bowl did not go straight but after that it was being focused on bowls. It was real fun there and it seemed to me as the time is flying for this game:) 

In the end I was second and was near to win but had a more strong partner with us. It was amazing when the did not believe I played after a long time. We chit-chat and played other games as shooing, basket ball and terminator salvation etc, honestly I don't like such games in which there is blood-shed and brutality.

I was expecting to hit all the bottles but I did not meet my expectations and two were left at the end and it was my last turn. Over all it was great fun and I would love to go again soon.

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