Sunday, 31 July 2011

Rimmel: get the London look 2/3

Hi there,
I was about go to bed for a tight sleep but I thought to write something which was not done on this weekend. I know its gonna be not very much long but too short to read:)
As I stated in my previous blog that I am going to write about the rimmel make up, so this is second part of that. Well, its all about rimmel eye liner/pencil.

I have used these pencils to for blending my kajal and its really wonderful as it is very much soft which even does not feel as if you are applying something in your eyes. I have black pencils in rimmel and I also have maybelline pencil in black and brown both.

I don't know what had happened to my camera, the images I have taken are not as clear as they were in that. I think I need to get new one, that is the reason I got many images from the site of rimmel and superdrug. I must say these are incredible, I am very crazy about eye make up, so, I have a large number of collection in eye make up and specially eye liner and pencils. What do you have in large collection???

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Rimmel: get the London look 1/3

Hey Girls!!!!!!!
Few months before, I had no special collection of make up from Rimmel, but now I think I am being crazy to get the London look. Since I am using its mascara, gradually I have a lot of make up from rimmel and its really wonderful to have a collection of such make up which really makes you feel very glamorous after putting their make up on. Whenever I watch TV, I see it's add which says get the London look and I thought let's have it, so, it is gonna have three parts and this one is first about nail varnish.

This is nail varnish which I bought from superdrug (my to go) when I was just checking and trying new colours of different nail polishes. I tried this one and I was really stunned to see the bright silver colour which is incredibly sparkling and dazzling. I decide to buy it at once.

I have found other colours as well but I don't have images in my pc right now but soon I'll upload for you. I bought this nail varnish for £4.50 which is bit expensive I think. But I still feel its affordable as compared to the extra ordinary prices of nail polish like £9.00 to £12.00. This is first part of the three make up products of rimmel. I have got the London look, have you????

Thursday, 21 July 2011

New Top.

I am, like all girls, very much crazy about fashion and make up.Last week I went to high street
 to buy a pair of pumps for me, but as susual I visited a shop with new cloths and bought a top. I just saw it, finalize and then bought it:)

I like its style as it is a printed top and also there is mixture of colours which you can seein the images. When I wore this top, I wasn't sure that what kind of make is gonna go with it????? There are darks colours and light as well. But I focused my eyes with dark colours and light lipstick.

Look at the design of sleeves, its not full not half, these are probably quarter and its see through stuuf is very soft to touch and very light to wear.

This a kind of slip which is stiched with the top, its very light weight and soft. I liike its pink colour which is really attaractive and then the printed see through stuff which increases the beauty of this top. The advantage of these colours is I can wear jeans or trousers with this top. As in these picture I am wearing skin trousers but later I changed my mind and wore my Dorothy Perkin jeans and its was as gorgeous as with the trousers itwas.

As you can see that the top is perfectly match with skin colour and it is always great to have variety in your wardrobe. Its a top you can wear at any time or any occasion for anything, as I wore for a dinner. I wore kitty heels and very decent accesoories. I hope you like this top of mine I just loved it...

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Accessory is always Necessary.

Hi gorgeous!!!

I was addicted of make up since I was just 16 years old but now it looks as I am incomplete without make up. You must laugh to know that I am more crazy to collect new make up and rarely I wear it. But for a long time, I noticed that I am also becoming crazy for accessories. Oh m y God, whenever I see some nice jewellery I always want to buy them although its very expensive.
Recently I went to a party on Sunday, firstly I was confuse about dress then the other problem was accessories. I don't know why I was not sure about the matching accessories. At last I got all of it.

This is the bracelet which I wore, there are three colours metallic gray, dull golden and antique one. I love the design which is very different and unique as well. All the pieces are attached with a flexible thread in it which helps to wear without any harsh pain.

 I like it style which is describing its beauty in its own way. This bracelet I bought from New Look and I forgot its price, but it was about £4.00.
The next thing was my lovely ring which helped me to look more fashionable.

There are number of pearls and beats on the ring which all are light colours and one of them is silver as well. All the colours enhanced the beauty of this ring.

I think you can see them more appropriately now, as it is shown clearly. My dress was not having funky colours as it was combination of light colours with a floral ribbon. So, this ring was perfectly match with my dress as the bracelet was.

This was another ring which took part to adore me. This is a golden ring and its top is covered with silver pearls which really shine like diamonds. It was more decent according to the function for my right hand finger.

So, these were accessories which made me more funky and I looked fashionable and there was also a touch of decency in all the accessories, also it was perfectly match with my light pink dress. All the jewellery I bought from New look.
Without jewellery you look incomplete, specially when you wear nice clothes and nice matching shoes. You really look gorgeous when you know the art of make according to dress, function or party. What you think your accessories made you?

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A Party Special.

Hey girls!!!! 

It's really hard to decide something with your dresses, specially when you have a large collection of clothes. Something like that happened to me on Sunday when I had to go to a BBQ party. I was very confuse to think what I should wear? A jeans with top or frock with leggings? Or some trousers? Oh I was confuse because weather made me confuse, it was a BBQ party but sun was reluctant to shine over me. Soon it became cloudy and I changed my mind of wear leggings:(
I wore frock not with leggings but with my blue skinny jeans and I was really surprised to see that the whole combination was superb.

I took these pics after coming back from the party because I forgot to take my camera with me and unfortunately there was nobody at home, who could take my pictures:(

The people who used to buy clothes from M&S, have recognized the brand of them 'per una' which really famous. This is the frock which my hubby bought me few days before and he wanted me to wear this. I love this dress as its colour is so decent and nice.
I loved its overall length and the fitting, when I wore this I was happy because it was not very much tight nor it was loose. So, it is according to my fitting. I like its colour combination with white and pink floral design. The stuff is very soft and light to wear.

Look at the whole texture and design, I love the 'V' neck style which is very famous now a days.

There are some designs within the area of the neck and while wearing this, it looks stunning. I wore blue jeans with it and it looked great as well. Some young people used to say that there is nothing for young generation at M&S but I must say they are wrong, as I've got this beautiful dress.
So, what do you think about your choice in selecting a dress from marks and Spencer?  

Friday, 8 July 2011

A handy bank

Last week I went to White City(West field) for shopping. I was intend to buy clothes and pair of shoes as well. But as usual, I did not find anything special or anything which I wanted to buy. There were sales on every next step but alas!!! there was nothing which could grab quickly. 
But I bought other stuff in jeweler and purse. I went to Dorothy Perkins with no intention to buy anything regarding bag or wallet. When I entered in the shop, Oh my God, there were sales on everything from clothes to shoes and hand bags to jeweler. So, I picked a wallet which was really nice and I admired that very much.

I must say this was the most attracted wallet among all the bags, for many weeks I was trying to get such wallet but I could not get according to my choice. When I saw this one, I was very excited and ready to buy but my husband chose another which was just ok. So, after a long discussion I decided to buy this one. I love the colour and the texture. I like its parts which made me crazy about it.

You can see it texture, its not completely brown nor it is black. The main or dominant colour is brown and there are dark brown spots which are large enough to notice. I like it because I can keep money as well as my all cards of mine.

This magnetic button helps to keep wallet safe and does not allow it to be open in any way.

Look at the design, its so simple and so decent at the same time. The golden dots and arch style on dark colour really made this wallet beautiful and enough decent to carry in the hand. I keep it in my bag and keep my money and bank cards in this wallet. In sale it was £7.00 so I did not wasted a single minute to buy it because it was last piece in the shop. This is my little hand bank, what do you think what is yours?

Thursday, 7 July 2011

My makeup foundations.

It seems over ages I did not write anything about anything specially about the new upcoming. Anyway, due to some busy routine could not make possible to play with blogs and inter net. But during this routine I noticed only one thing for many days, and that is about my foundation.
I had to from morning to till late and I even had no time to refresh my make up so I had to stay in what I was wearing. The foundation I was wearing for whole day, did not disappointed me at all and I looked as fresh as in the morning.

This is the foundation which I use as a base and then I apply make up on. Rimmel foundation helps me to stay in a long lasting make up. In the beginning I was not a big fan of foundations but later, after using this one, I realized this fact that without make up foundation you cant go very far for long. I bought rimmel make up from superdrug which is always my priority to visit:) It stayed about 8-9 hours and I was glad to find it waterproof and perfectly match with my skin tone.

This is another foundation in a small pack but it works big as well. Only one small drop on the tip of your finger and you can spread on all over you face with the help of your finger or brush. I love not only its natural colour but also the beautiful fragrance which make me fresh all the time and all the day. It does not leave any uneven skin tone impact and also helps to prevent appearing dryness on the skin. My this lovely foundation is from Revlon. Both the foundations I bought from superdrug.

I have one foundation more which I use sometimes on daily basis and sometimes I prefer the above rimmel foundation.

This foundation which I am holding in my hand is really superb and it also stays very long like 10 hours and it also waterproof and matches with your skin and looks like very natural. I love my collection and I still have more stuff to share with you. These are my main, what do you think what are yours??????????