Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A Party Special.

Hey girls!!!! 

It's really hard to decide something with your dresses, specially when you have a large collection of clothes. Something like that happened to me on Sunday when I had to go to a BBQ party. I was very confuse to think what I should wear? A jeans with top or frock with leggings? Or some trousers? Oh I was confuse because weather made me confuse, it was a BBQ party but sun was reluctant to shine over me. Soon it became cloudy and I changed my mind of wear leggings:(
I wore frock not with leggings but with my blue skinny jeans and I was really surprised to see that the whole combination was superb.

I took these pics after coming back from the party because I forgot to take my camera with me and unfortunately there was nobody at home, who could take my pictures:(

The people who used to buy clothes from M&S, have recognized the brand of them 'per una' which really famous. This is the frock which my hubby bought me few days before and he wanted me to wear this. I love this dress as its colour is so decent and nice.
I loved its overall length and the fitting, when I wore this I was happy because it was not very much tight nor it was loose. So, it is according to my fitting. I like its colour combination with white and pink floral design. The stuff is very soft and light to wear.

Look at the whole texture and design, I love the 'V' neck style which is very famous now a days.

There are some designs within the area of the neck and while wearing this, it looks stunning. I wore blue jeans with it and it looked great as well. Some young people used to say that there is nothing for young generation at M&S but I must say they are wrong, as I've got this beautiful dress.
So, what do you think about your choice in selecting a dress from marks and Spencer?  

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  1. The color is gorgeous. Love the printed ribbon on plain fabric. I`m sure you must have looked lovely.