Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Accessory is always Necessary.

Hi gorgeous!!!

I was addicted of make up since I was just 16 years old but now it looks as I am incomplete without make up. You must laugh to know that I am more crazy to collect new make up and rarely I wear it. But for a long time, I noticed that I am also becoming crazy for accessories. Oh m y God, whenever I see some nice jewellery I always want to buy them although its very expensive.
Recently I went to a party on Sunday, firstly I was confuse about dress then the other problem was accessories. I don't know why I was not sure about the matching accessories. At last I got all of it.

This is the bracelet which I wore, there are three colours metallic gray, dull golden and antique one. I love the design which is very different and unique as well. All the pieces are attached with a flexible thread in it which helps to wear without any harsh pain.

 I like it style which is describing its beauty in its own way. This bracelet I bought from New Look and I forgot its price, but it was about £4.00.
The next thing was my lovely ring which helped me to look more fashionable.

There are number of pearls and beats on the ring which all are light colours and one of them is silver as well. All the colours enhanced the beauty of this ring.

I think you can see them more appropriately now, as it is shown clearly. My dress was not having funky colours as it was combination of light colours with a floral ribbon. So, this ring was perfectly match with my dress as the bracelet was.

This was another ring which took part to adore me. This is a golden ring and its top is covered with silver pearls which really shine like diamonds. It was more decent according to the function for my right hand finger.

So, these were accessories which made me more funky and I looked fashionable and there was also a touch of decency in all the accessories, also it was perfectly match with my light pink dress. All the jewellery I bought from New look.
Without jewellery you look incomplete, specially when you wear nice clothes and nice matching shoes. You really look gorgeous when you know the art of make according to dress, function or party. What you think your accessories made you?


  1. Gorgeous. Love the bracelet. You are right. Accessories can make or break an outfit.

  2. loveee all of this!
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    It's Fashion Damnit