Thursday, 7 July 2011

My makeup foundations.

It seems over ages I did not write anything about anything specially about the new upcoming. Anyway, due to some busy routine could not make possible to play with blogs and inter net. But during this routine I noticed only one thing for many days, and that is about my foundation.
I had to from morning to till late and I even had no time to refresh my make up so I had to stay in what I was wearing. The foundation I was wearing for whole day, did not disappointed me at all and I looked as fresh as in the morning.

This is the foundation which I use as a base and then I apply make up on. Rimmel foundation helps me to stay in a long lasting make up. In the beginning I was not a big fan of foundations but later, after using this one, I realized this fact that without make up foundation you cant go very far for long. I bought rimmel make up from superdrug which is always my priority to visit:) It stayed about 8-9 hours and I was glad to find it waterproof and perfectly match with my skin tone.

This is another foundation in a small pack but it works big as well. Only one small drop on the tip of your finger and you can spread on all over you face with the help of your finger or brush. I love not only its natural colour but also the beautiful fragrance which make me fresh all the time and all the day. It does not leave any uneven skin tone impact and also helps to prevent appearing dryness on the skin. My this lovely foundation is from Revlon. Both the foundations I bought from superdrug.

I have one foundation more which I use sometimes on daily basis and sometimes I prefer the above rimmel foundation.

This foundation which I am holding in my hand is really superb and it also stays very long like 10 hours and it also waterproof and matches with your skin and looks like very natural. I love my collection and I still have more stuff to share with you. These are my main, what do you think what are yours??????????

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