Saturday, 24 August 2013

My Monthly Favourites.

I been planning to add a new topic to my blog as I hardly get time now a days. I thought to add a new topic which should contain my monthly favourites or favourite purchase. I know it is bit early to post it but in the end of this month I am travelling to abroad so, I guess I won't be able to post it in the end.

Garnir BB cream

My number one purchase is BB creme  which my all time favourite and I use it daily without any hesitation. My skin got dried suddenly and no foundation was perfectly working on the skin. Then I tried this BB creme and I feel really good because there are no more patches after using this. I use Light/clare because again it suits me as the other two colours are not for my skin. I usually buy this cream from superdug and it costs about £9.99 but last time I bought it from Asda for £5 only which is a real bargain price.

Other thing I bought is the nail polish which is heavenly gorgeous and that is Nicole by O.P.I and it is really shimmery and silvery. I have bought two colours and is slightly ping and other one is sky blue.

Nicole by O.P.I

This silver texture is great because when you apply this nail polish on your nails you can see the glittery diamond effect straight away. I told you early that I have two colours but unfortunately they are almost same :O  but no worries, I can have them both. O.P.I is a well known name in the world of nail accessories and that is why people are more inclined to try this one as well. Good thing about this colour is, it does not stay on your fingers while you remove it. Most of all, I really like the shape of the bottle which quite different and unique. You can get this one from superdrug as I haven't seen it anywhere.

Last but not least, this maybelline lipstick is my favourite one. Early, I did not like shimmery or glossy lipstick because I thought I would not suit me but maybelline Mauve Diamond shade 255 proved me wrong. I bought this lipstick at last.
The colour is really light and nice for all the types of outing, hang out, dinners and formal and informal functions. I use it everyday now and you can get it from any store. Prices vary from store to store and also on websites. Fragrance direct is very cheap and you can get it under £2 only whereas, this same lipstick in boots and superdrug cost about £7.99. So, this is my monthly favourites, whats yours?x!

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Brighten your nails up (nails of the week)

We all are so excited for the sunny days and bright evenings after a long wait and that is why I planned to write a post about nail. First of all, I wasn't sure that for how long this sun is going to shine like this but then I realized that it is the best time to make some bright nails or may be time to  show my summer nails.
I know I am posting it after a few days but to be honest, I was waiting for the result of my nail varnish. This time I have tried BarryM gelly nail varnish which is fabulous.

Well, I have tried this gelly range which, I must say, is really nice and gorgeous. I earlier said about the result so I applied this colour last week and it lasts up to 7 days. I was washing, cleaning and cooking all days and was noticing daily but I was really surprised that the colour is not only nice but also 1000 voltage power shine :)

 Now let's talk about it's quality, You know what, I have not applied any top coat. Its the shine of gelly nail paint and it lasts up to 4 days which is not bad at all. I have a bad habit of scratching my nail paint with my nail but it did not work or this varnish as it was firmly thick and could not come out easily and I had to remove it with  nail polish remover. After removing this, there was no stain on the sides or edges of my nail skin which is again a good thing about this varnish. Apart of these thing,  it is really bright colour for summer which I enjoyed  about a week. So, I would definitely recommend to all my friends to use it once. Have you tried any gelly paint????

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Skin care products and home made tips.

It has been seen that so many skin care products are being introduce in the market and women's are intend to buys or ready to give them a try at least. I am very much conscious about my skin too cause I have black head issue. I like to hear about the products about hair, skin and nails but I would not not just try on my skin, so, that is why I most of the time like to do some home made tips for my skin and hair.

at super drug

Earlier I used to use tea tree face wash which was good enough but later my skin got dried and I got little white patches on it. Therefore, I stopped using that one and switch to other one. I, then, tried clarsil face wash which I found heavenly gorgeous and I guess nothing can take place of that. But my man issue was dried patches on the skin in my late pregnancy. Anyway, now I am using Olay moisture for my skin before I wash my face. You have to believe me that it really works on dry skin and you do not see white patches any more.


Lets talk about its quality, in my opinion, it's best moisture for all type of skin as it does not contain any chemical and can work from first day and you can see the result from one day.
Although it is not very much thick like other products but it has all the qualities to keep your skin smooth and patch free.
It is not very much cheap and not expensive at all, I hope you can afford it and you can buy it from any big store like Morrison, super drug and Tesco etc,
Small tip: use your lotion by tipping one drop on chin, cheeks nose and forehead and gently spread on all over the face and then massage it thoroughly and give it at least 15 minutes of your time.

Home Made tip for dry skin type: It is home made tip and being used for ages and I have tried it for myself too. Take one table spoon full of milk(full fat) and one table spoon full of cooking oil (any oil vegetable or olive) mix them nicely and apply on your face and massage gently then it after 20 min. with clean cotton piece and wash your face with water only and do not apply any face wash. You will see the result after hour. Your face will get natural moisture plus natural glow. I can bet for this tip as I have tried it for myself. I think these kind of tips are more useful as they do not have any side effects or after effects nor they can damage your skin. So, use this handy,easy useful tip and then let me know what you feel.x

Monday, 1 July 2013

Rings Collection

A long ago, there was a time when I was not much fond of jewellery at all. But year ago something has happened to me and I am in deep love for the jewellery eccentrically and I am obsessed with make up and jewellery. Therefore, I have collected a large number of different kinds and styles of jewellery.
Today's post is all about my ring collection, which is not only in my daily use but also my very much favourite and desired. Most of them are bought from famous stores and a fewer are gifts which I got from my hubby. I have bought most of my jewellery from new lookH&M and Dorothy perkin my desired places for jewellery.

The other big and small rings are from BHS and Dorothy Perkins and the price range is between £3.99 to £8.00 and the most good thing about these rings is that I can wear them in water as well:)

This is the half collection of my rings and other half is kept the box which is little far. The most prominent in green stone ring is from H&M which is cute and simple at the same time. The other two big rings in metallic colour are from H&M as well. These all are £4.99 which are not very much expensive and not very much cheap. I must say they are in normal range price.

What can I say about this bow!!!!! Ahh I just love it. I am in love for this bow ring  which is so much cute and stylish forever.  I don't know the exact price and the shop name as I bought it few month ago, but I rarely wear this cause I don not want this ring to be damaged or colour faded. 
Other floral ring is also simply wonderful cause of it simple design. Both rings I have worn in same finger because I don't remember the prices and shops where I bought from them. I think I should check now.
Now little about Primark jewellery, although I am a big fan of other shops for jewellery but I have to say that the primark jewellery is also worth to buy. I went to Primark with no intentions to buy but while talking a glance on jewellery section, my eyes just captured a ring which was beyond nice and I was bound to buy.


I don't know why but I liked this ring a lot as this colour is my favourite one. When I wore this ring I felt it's shape is not only nice but also very much fine. The sea green colour with pearly shine and metallic colour all around gives an impression of classic and contemporary at the same time. 

Last but not least, this ring is given by my darling hubby on our anniversary. All the stones are real which ruby, emerald and i do not know about the third one:P
Well, this is silver ring and I love it most as it was a lovely gift and obviously I don't know the price as well. But it can go with any colour so I prefer this ring to wear almost all the colours. I hope you like my collection, I am obsessed with. So,what is your obsession?

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Leopard Nail art.

Hi Girls!!!! I know its my second blog about nail as my previous post was also on nails. There is no doubt that in these days, I am more in love with nail art designs. I am spending my most of the time in creating new designs by using all the stuff relating to nails.
This time I thought to design my nails by using Barry M nail pen. I bought the black pen because I thought black has more scope:P  I loved it while using it because it is so much smooth to use. I did not imagine.


I chose to colours from same family and that is dark brown and coper which I bought from Next. I decided to apply dark as a base colour and the light as design. It was so mush easy to use this pen that I never imagine, because I thought may be it little difficult because the tip of the pen is very much small. But I was surprised after using it. Just shake well before use and hold the pen until colour appears on your nail. The second nail art design is comparatively lighter than this one. There was sunshine on that very day when I decided for these nail art with Barry m pen.  The other nail varnish I have used is from three different brands.

My base colour is from rimmel which is one of my favourite colours and then the pink one is Collection2000 and the light blue is 2true. I chose these colour to create a different light impact on the nails. I designed the half nails and half are left blank as you can see. In above design I used full nails but there was other thought in my mind while creating this design. I wanted to make another portrait by using different texture but i realised these look more gorgeous. I really loved this nail pen which  helped to create my desired nail art. I hope you will like it too, it is my nail art what is yours?????xxx 

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

My Summer nails.

This is really amazing that sun is shinning everyday and we all got chances to show our new dresses and other fashion accessories which we were waiting for to wear. I also bought some of the new accessories which is mostly jewellery. I thought I can wear jewellery whether its sunny or not. But my today's post is all about my summer nails.
I think I am becoming a big fan of nail art designs and decorations. I have bought some amazing stuff but unfortunately did not get time to share with you all. But today's post is all about nail colours and the designs I have without using any stamps. 


I have used two colour the base colour is nude from Ciat and the other one is black out from rimmel which in one of my favourite colours.



All my friends and family admired me for the combination I chose for my nail art.  The nude colour is so much perfect for light base. Then I also used some of the scotch tape to make my design and then I applied black colour. It is really fun and easy to make different designs. I love to play with my nails and make up. I hope you guys would like them too.
You can share your designs and make up hauls ans style here as well. Its really interesting to hear from other people who have totally different style and approach. I hope to see from you.xx

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Barry M competition and givaway.

HI dolls I kow its a long long time ago when I was used to write blogs regularly but since I got busy with my little one I hardly get time to do other things. But today, I decided to change my life again and get back to my old and previous things.
I been doing some different experiments with my make up and nails but could not get time to post about these things. I am a big fan of Barry M and their cosmetics is just heavenly gorgeous. I been using Barry M eye dust which are amazing and worth to use.

Here is my little post about dazzle dust. I have used dazzle dust no 98 to give a look like smoky but at the same time casual. I know its bit tricky because it is hard to say smoky and casual but i tried by using this colour.

My image is slightly on right but it is number 98. The colour is absolutely out of this world. I applied this colour which looks dark purple from the side and light from front. I tried to capture it from all the sides.

These images are captured from front and you can see the colour which is bright and clearly seen the texture of shade. As a highlighter  I have used white to pink colour  with a touch of shimmer. 

In this image you might feel that colour looks more light from front but a smoky touch on the edge.  I just loved this colour, I bought this colour a long time ago but did not use much. Now I have realized that it was the best eye shadow for casual day out.

Last but not least, Barry M and AX Paris are organizing a competition and nice stuff to giveaway. Just follow my blog and comment on it.  Here is the link to enter in this competition . 
Good Luck

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

You Ask

I am back after a long time again, I know. I am still busy with my new little one and hoping to settle her routine. I am still trying to manage time with her and all my previous activities and blogging is one of them.

I have a lot of stuff to share with all of you included cosmetics and clothing. I've also got many tips to share about skin, hair and nails. If you have any problem about hair and skin share here with me and i will give you tips called home remedies which could help you.
It is my little post about 'You Ask' and I will tell. I will be posting regularly from now on. 
Tia xx