Monday, 1 July 2013

Rings Collection

A long ago, there was a time when I was not much fond of jewellery at all. But year ago something has happened to me and I am in deep love for the jewellery eccentrically and I am obsessed with make up and jewellery. Therefore, I have collected a large number of different kinds and styles of jewellery.
Today's post is all about my ring collection, which is not only in my daily use but also my very much favourite and desired. Most of them are bought from famous stores and a fewer are gifts which I got from my hubby. I have bought most of my jewellery from new lookH&M and Dorothy perkin my desired places for jewellery.

The other big and small rings are from BHS and Dorothy Perkins and the price range is between £3.99 to £8.00 and the most good thing about these rings is that I can wear them in water as well:)

This is the half collection of my rings and other half is kept the box which is little far. The most prominent in green stone ring is from H&M which is cute and simple at the same time. The other two big rings in metallic colour are from H&M as well. These all are £4.99 which are not very much expensive and not very much cheap. I must say they are in normal range price.

What can I say about this bow!!!!! Ahh I just love it. I am in love for this bow ring  which is so much cute and stylish forever.  I don't know the exact price and the shop name as I bought it few month ago, but I rarely wear this cause I don not want this ring to be damaged or colour faded. 
Other floral ring is also simply wonderful cause of it simple design. Both rings I have worn in same finger because I don't remember the prices and shops where I bought from them. I think I should check now.
Now little about Primark jewellery, although I am a big fan of other shops for jewellery but I have to say that the primark jewellery is also worth to buy. I went to Primark with no intentions to buy but while talking a glance on jewellery section, my eyes just captured a ring which was beyond nice and I was bound to buy.


I don't know why but I liked this ring a lot as this colour is my favourite one. When I wore this ring I felt it's shape is not only nice but also very much fine. The sea green colour with pearly shine and metallic colour all around gives an impression of classic and contemporary at the same time. 

Last but not least, this ring is given by my darling hubby on our anniversary. All the stones are real which ruby, emerald and i do not know about the third one:P
Well, this is silver ring and I love it most as it was a lovely gift and obviously I don't know the price as well. But it can go with any colour so I prefer this ring to wear almost all the colours. I hope you like my collection, I am obsessed with. So,what is your obsession?

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