Thursday, 18 July 2013

Brighten your nails up (nails of the week)

We all are so excited for the sunny days and bright evenings after a long wait and that is why I planned to write a post about nail. First of all, I wasn't sure that for how long this sun is going to shine like this but then I realized that it is the best time to make some bright nails or may be time to  show my summer nails.
I know I am posting it after a few days but to be honest, I was waiting for the result of my nail varnish. This time I have tried BarryM gelly nail varnish which is fabulous.

Well, I have tried this gelly range which, I must say, is really nice and gorgeous. I earlier said about the result so I applied this colour last week and it lasts up to 7 days. I was washing, cleaning and cooking all days and was noticing daily but I was really surprised that the colour is not only nice but also 1000 voltage power shine :)

 Now let's talk about it's quality, You know what, I have not applied any top coat. Its the shine of gelly nail paint and it lasts up to 4 days which is not bad at all. I have a bad habit of scratching my nail paint with my nail but it did not work or this varnish as it was firmly thick and could not come out easily and I had to remove it with  nail polish remover. After removing this, there was no stain on the sides or edges of my nail skin which is again a good thing about this varnish. Apart of these thing,  it is really bright colour for summer which I enjoyed  about a week. So, I would definitely recommend to all my friends to use it once. Have you tried any gelly paint????

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