Saturday, 24 August 2013

My Monthly Favourites.

I been planning to add a new topic to my blog as I hardly get time now a days. I thought to add a new topic which should contain my monthly favourites or favourite purchase. I know it is bit early to post it but in the end of this month I am travelling to abroad so, I guess I won't be able to post it in the end.

Garnir BB cream

My number one purchase is BB creme  which my all time favourite and I use it daily without any hesitation. My skin got dried suddenly and no foundation was perfectly working on the skin. Then I tried this BB creme and I feel really good because there are no more patches after using this. I use Light/clare because again it suits me as the other two colours are not for my skin. I usually buy this cream from superdug and it costs about £9.99 but last time I bought it from Asda for £5 only which is a real bargain price.

Other thing I bought is the nail polish which is heavenly gorgeous and that is Nicole by O.P.I and it is really shimmery and silvery. I have bought two colours and is slightly ping and other one is sky blue.

Nicole by O.P.I

This silver texture is great because when you apply this nail polish on your nails you can see the glittery diamond effect straight away. I told you early that I have two colours but unfortunately they are almost same :O  but no worries, I can have them both. O.P.I is a well known name in the world of nail accessories and that is why people are more inclined to try this one as well. Good thing about this colour is, it does not stay on your fingers while you remove it. Most of all, I really like the shape of the bottle which quite different and unique. You can get this one from superdrug as I haven't seen it anywhere.

Last but not least, this maybelline lipstick is my favourite one. Early, I did not like shimmery or glossy lipstick because I thought I would not suit me but maybelline Mauve Diamond shade 255 proved me wrong. I bought this lipstick at last.
The colour is really light and nice for all the types of outing, hang out, dinners and formal and informal functions. I use it everyday now and you can get it from any store. Prices vary from store to store and also on websites. Fragrance direct is very cheap and you can get it under £2 only whereas, this same lipstick in boots and superdrug cost about £7.99. So, this is my monthly favourites, whats yours?x!

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