Thursday, 10 April 2014

little different from usual.

Hi girls,
As I have mentioned about my usual base foundation; Garneir BB cream which is absolutely obvious for my make up. But few months ago I tried little different for my skin and I found it quite nice. I am very much conscious about my facial skin and I do not try different things because I think facial skin is not for trials.

I bought Loreal Youth code luminize few months ago and started usin it as a moisturizing cream but later I realized it is more than just a moisture. I also applied it before my make up foundation and my make up looked fresh more than I ever thought.

I am glad that the price of this product is fallen because it was about £15 in the beginning and now it has dropped to £8.00 (online) and at the superdrugs its price is £9.49 which is again reasonable.

 Loreal youth code is really moistand make your feel moisture that lasts really long about 8 hours or 10 and it also helps for blemish and uneven skin. I haveused it for myself and I witnessed. I had blemish skin which is now absolutely fine. I also have used some home remedies to make skin clear, I will post my experience and home remedies for blemish and uneven skin, later.

I would highly recommend this youth code to those who are worried for the patches on the skin which appear after applying powder or mineral foundation as make up base. Good luck girls. Do not forget to tell me about your moisturizing lotion too.


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