Saturday, 6 July 2013

Skin care products and home made tips.

It has been seen that so many skin care products are being introduce in the market and women's are intend to buys or ready to give them a try at least. I am very much conscious about my skin too cause I have black head issue. I like to hear about the products about hair, skin and nails but I would not not just try on my skin, so, that is why I most of the time like to do some home made tips for my skin and hair.

at super drug

Earlier I used to use tea tree face wash which was good enough but later my skin got dried and I got little white patches on it. Therefore, I stopped using that one and switch to other one. I, then, tried clarsil face wash which I found heavenly gorgeous and I guess nothing can take place of that. But my man issue was dried patches on the skin in my late pregnancy. Anyway, now I am using Olay moisture for my skin before I wash my face. You have to believe me that it really works on dry skin and you do not see white patches any more.


Lets talk about its quality, in my opinion, it's best moisture for all type of skin as it does not contain any chemical and can work from first day and you can see the result from one day.
Although it is not very much thick like other products but it has all the qualities to keep your skin smooth and patch free.
It is not very much cheap and not expensive at all, I hope you can afford it and you can buy it from any big store like Morrison, super drug and Tesco etc,
Small tip: use your lotion by tipping one drop on chin, cheeks nose and forehead and gently spread on all over the face and then massage it thoroughly and give it at least 15 minutes of your time.

Home Made tip for dry skin type: It is home made tip and being used for ages and I have tried it for myself too. Take one table spoon full of milk(full fat) and one table spoon full of cooking oil (any oil vegetable or olive) mix them nicely and apply on your face and massage gently then it after 20 min. with clean cotton piece and wash your face with water only and do not apply any face wash. You will see the result after hour. Your face will get natural moisture plus natural glow. I can bet for this tip as I have tried it for myself. I think these kind of tips are more useful as they do not have any side effects or after effects nor they can damage your skin. So, use this handy,easy useful tip and then let me know what you feel.x

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