Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Leopard Nail art.

Hi Girls!!!! I know its my second blog about nail as my previous post was also on nails. There is no doubt that in these days, I am more in love with nail art designs. I am spending my most of the time in creating new designs by using all the stuff relating to nails.
This time I thought to design my nails by using Barry M nail pen. I bought the black pen because I thought black has more scope:P  I loved it while using it because it is so much smooth to use. I did not imagine.


I chose to colours from same family and that is dark brown and coper which I bought from Next. I decided to apply dark as a base colour and the light as design. It was so mush easy to use this pen that I never imagine, because I thought may be it little difficult because the tip of the pen is very much small. But I was surprised after using it. Just shake well before use and hold the pen until colour appears on your nail. The second nail art design is comparatively lighter than this one. There was sunshine on that very day when I decided for these nail art with Barry m pen.  The other nail varnish I have used is from three different brands.

My base colour is from rimmel which is one of my favourite colours and then the pink one is Collection2000 and the light blue is 2true. I chose these colour to create a different light impact on the nails. I designed the half nails and half are left blank as you can see. In above design I used full nails but there was other thought in my mind while creating this design. I wanted to make another portrait by using different texture but i realised these look more gorgeous. I really loved this nail pen which  helped to create my desired nail art. I hope you will like it too, it is my nail art what is yours?????xxx 


  1. Hey! I saw this on Barry M's facebook, and thought it was cool :) fab nail art!
    - Olivia xo