Tuesday, 21 June 2011

First the Dust.

Its always fun to add little doze of excitement in the glass of desires. I always buy make up without any pre-plans and its more excited when I plan to buy something else and get other which wasn't planned. The same thing happened to me last week.

I went to my nearest superdrug to visit and buy MUA professional academy. Unfortunately, those shades were out of stock and could not buy them. So, I decided not to go back and feel sad about that and then I started wondering. I saw all make up and tried as well, in the last I reached at BarryM showcase and found many nice colours.

I have to admit and admire of this eye dust which I bought from superdrug is extremely soft in applying and also gentle to stay on your skin.

It is effect which appears on the skin after applying and it is really soft and beautiful. I have applied this colour with dark and light colour of dresses and also applied different eye liners. But it does not loss its beauty in any way and gives a smooth look.
I have some other colours and their images are more clear as I took them from 

I have got nice colours and wear them when I go somewhere with my special one. What do you wear when you go with yours???

Tia xx


  1. Love the colors of the eyeshadow!

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