Wednesday, 8 June 2011

New Look Manicure

I always think about the matching nail polish whenever I buy any dress. I think nail polish is important as other accessories like shoes (most important) and matching ear rings and bracelets etc; I am very keen to buying nail polishes but now my inspiration is liloo who is really perfect in describing about nail polish and how to apply. She even describes each and every thing of a specific nail polish.

So, I decided to write about the nail polish as well, which I bought from new look and its worth £3.50. I, actually, went to buy something else but I bought this nail polish. I applied nail polish and then I put some sticker on the nail to make them more attractive.

I like this colour because of its brightness and its real colour reflection. After applying this nail colour. I was really happy with the result after dried. I was very hesitant to apply such colour because I was not really sure of the results. Now a days, it going to be the trend of dark colours like drak purple, orange and bright lemon colours.
But new look nail colour did not disappointed at all. It dried very quickly and was perfectly match with the dress I intend to wear. I wore light purple dress and applied this dark colour which was matched according to the occasion at night. I think it was best colour to match with a clash colour.

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