Wednesday, 15 June 2011

New Colour Alert

I believe some of the things come with silent feet and then they become a source of interest for everyone. Similarly, there is silent colour alert for all the funky or unconventional colours. This summer white dresses are one of the biggest trends which is why some people are very excited about it.  If you see this photo, you will find plenty of inspiration. 

Although, this photo is not taken recently but it still speaks about the trend.

Just look at Rihanna who knows how to make a style statement. Her red hair are styled in a very different way as we have seen her in big curly hair and also long straight hair. She looks fine and incredible as always. The white dress, the red hair and khaki nude shoes, a good combination.

All the models on the ramp are wearing this upcoming colour which reflects its own importance according to the fashion and the season. All the styles are there in white colour with matching and suitable accessories. Some of the dresses suits with heavy accessories but most of them are wearing nothing but focused only on perfect shoes.

Have a look on above picture which describes its beauty in a complete pack. Two dresses which are according to the fashion and for occasion a formal and bit casual. The white bag and the white accessories are suitable decent match with dresses, whereas, the importance of shoes can not be denied.
Top shop's latest white dress is there, about an hour before I got the update about this dress. If you want to see that dress then click here and find more.

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  1. I am such a big fan of white for summer!! and an even bigger fan of Rihanna!! :) x