Monday, 20 June 2011

A Review on MUA cosmetics

I was reading about all the make up academies and cosmetics. I was really surprised to read about the MUA make up academy. MUA professional mascara is known as a TOP mascara because of its best price and the quality.

I know this image is not enough clear but still its main heading can be read. I was anxious to know and see the mascara. So, I went to my nearest superdrug to have a look. There is no doubt about mascara,it is amazingly thick and helps to thicken your lashes.
It was pretty good to know about the cosmetics and above all, I just love the packing of the products. All the products are packed in such a way as other brands are like Bourjois and I loved it.
So, I decided to buy something at least, if I could not buy all of them:)

And I bought this smoky eye make up which is really good and equally soft in applying just like other make up. I also bought a lipstick which is deep Red in colour, I never applied red because I always thought it might not suitable and I did not want any risk. But when I saw the colour in MUA cosmetics I bought it quickly.

I am glad to have this colour because it did not disappoint me as I was not sure about the perfect colour. But I found it very lovely. The most good thing about this make up is its prices which are really affordable for all, and everyone can easily reach to them.
I think I am gonna buy some more stuff from superdrug to get more of this make up specially mascara which is called top mascara.

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