Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Make up trail.

As we all know that Fashion is changing everyday and you have to be enough adaptable to carry anything related to new trends. So, I am also trying to get the look for summer: a perfect look. I don't know why my skin is now dry and therefore, my foundation does not match with my skin. Even after make it still looks like white patches on my skin. I tried to give a formal/casual look by focusing my eyes and light make up according to the weather, Summer.
By applying Rimmel mousses I tried to have the look I wanted to have. I used mousse and spread it with the help of my finger's tip. It was more easy to apply with your tip.
                                                                         Sassy 08
It is final look after applying sassy 08.

I applied my favorite eyeliner from crayon which I apply with a small fine brush and it really helps me to get a look I want.

I really love that mascara which I got as a gift from Sherin on my birthday. 
It is my favorite blush which I bought from Peacocks...I know it sounds strange but its fact I bought it from peacocks and it works very good.

I applied this blush on for a natural look. I preferred dark pink shadow which is slightly shimmery.
Final step:to apply lipstick. But I did not apply single colour, I mixed two colours to look more natural. It was light pink and dark skin colour. Then I applied my favorite rimmel lip gloss on it. was my look.

I hope you like it.

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