Thursday, 12 May 2011

M.A.C Lover...

Make up is been always my first love and I am a big fan of MAC since I used it. I have got mac lip pencils which are not only nice in colour but also very smooth in applying. I haven't got much make up from MAC because I have rimmel make up. MAC has its own different and unique trends .

There are two pencils, both are my favorite and I often use them. They are applicable for lips and eyes as well. So, I use the brown one as a lip pencil and the silver one I use as eyeliner. These colours are very good and suitable for every occasion. I apply them for a casual look which I always prefer in my daily life routine.
I would love to have more make up from MAC but honestly its bit expensive than other brands. But I am sure as I am crazy about make up I will buy them soon.  

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