Monday, 16 May 2011

New Dress

Now a days it seems as sun forgets to shine with its sparkling and bright beams and deliberately teasing us. This is summer and many people like me are sitting in their beds due to cold weather:) Many other people who planned about summer's sunny days, must be not happy because they are not getting any chance to wear new clothes specially bought for summer.

 Dresses like shorts, mini skirts and frocks are the ideal dresses for summer and people like to wear. Shopping lovers already bought such things for themselves so that if they need to go somewhere, no need to think just open the wardrobe and decides to wear a nice one.

I am also one of them who preplanned for summer but I am not happy. This week I could not get a chance to wear my new dresses, I am still waiting for a bright and sunny day. Last month I went to Camden Town and bought some dresses for me. I wore only one frock on one family get together.

It looked very large while hanging but after wearing I tired up with the help of belt which is already sued with the sides. I like fabric and print which are very suitable according to the summer. There are dark flowers and also combination with light blue colour.
White colour is again very summery colour and all colours are my favorite.

According to the weather and occasion I did make up, and big ear rings.

The thing which I like most about this dress is its sleeves. Its very stylish giving a look like sleeveless but its not. The sleeves are little big and wide because it suits.

This dress is not very much short and not long, its up to knees which is perfect I think. Its back is suitable for its fitting because sleeves are little in baggy style, so, it does not have a tunnel style. I did not wear skinny jeans but I wore black leggings which I bought from new look for summer.

I am desperately waiting for sunny days,so, I can make an effort to go somewhere instead of sitting in my bed all the time...

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