Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Beauty services.

Life is being very busy and  fast and in this fashionable age, all are intend to keep themselves fresh and wanna look more fashionable while working. Many people do not have much time to go different saloons for their temporary fashion and style.
So, most of the people have their own stuff to get ready within the minutes and superdrug is playing a vital role in it. The cosmetics which is available in the sore is quiet well and worthy to use. Similarly, I wanted to do something with my nails but honestly I did not want to go anywhere.
I wanted to do a manicure and I know its very expensive in the saloons. Therefore, I decided to do that myself and I went to superdruge get manicure set. I saw many sets but my preference was separate nail polishes. So, I choose two nail enamels.

                                                  Nail Expert Manicure (anti bite treatment)    

                                                  Etvoila Nail Tip Whitener (extra white effect)

Theses two nail colours are very fine and easy to apply. It was really smooth and the brush of white colour is in well cut shaped which is slightly tilt which is perfect to give a shape on the edge of the nail. It was fine in applying.
I know its not easy to give a good shape with nail colour without a tool or sticker which helps to give a shape. I have done this before but it was a long time. I did this manicure and it stayed foe a week and during this week I worked in the kitchen and some other things.
I must say these colours are very nice and worthy to use them. I am planning to buy some more nail colours, and share my experience with all of you.


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