Tuesday, 24 May 2011

New Trend among Celebs.

It has been seen that many people adapt only that specific style which their favorites got. Probably, they want to look like them and some of them are successful in doing this. Now a days, new trend is on and that is big hair among celebrities and many people are following them.
It is hard to say that every thing is made for every one and is suitable for all. Most of the time it happens when you like something but doesn't suit on you. All the old fashions and trends are going to popular again just like 50's flair and now big hair.

                                                             Rihana with Big red hair

Apart of singing, Rihanna's styles are always been very popular and she been very famous for her styles. Once again her new big hair are a topic to talk about. I think, this time, she is more good looking as compared to her previous look while having straight hairs.
Let's talk about the other celebs who are also following the oldies to get more attention. I like to wear an old get up but I also believe that the fashion must suits you. I already mentioned in my one of old blogs "I think fashion is not something always to adapt but this is something which suits you". I also like retro and its good to have it back because we can enjoy old and new, the both styles.

                                                         Sarah jessica paker in big blond hair

I don't know what to say about her style but I think its more bigger than her face. I am sorry to say but but its a fact and I hope her fans will also realize this fact, her hair style is not suitable for her according to her shape.

                                                                                 Sparkling Stars
                                                                             Cheryl Cole

These sparkling stars are in new look just like others but I like Cheryl Cole most. She is looking very gorgeous in her new look. Although, she has lost some weight it could effect on her new look but instead of looking skinny she looked awesome and more cute. 
It seems as the old style she had adapted is made for her only. She looked incredible in her new and devastating looks which suits on her even more than her previous one. I don't know I am gonna have big hair or not but the one she has got, is really remarkable.


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