Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Debenhams Deal.

Debenhams has always been one of my favorite stores. Shopping is every one's first choice and Debenhams has a good name. I been there for a long time, I went to Oxford Street and also visited Debenhams.  Its followers know very well about the deals and reduced prices, after every 3 to 6 months.

Last time I visited and I loved the make up boxes they had. There was also a box of lip gloss which was really nice but I did not buy them. The thing which I liked most was a body (shimmer) balm. I still remember, I was stick to that place where I found that one.

There were many colours according to the skin tone and complexion, I choose which is matching with my skin and it worked really well. Its price was £8.00 but I bought this on half price.

I applied this balm on my arms, while I was going to my relatives in evening. It was very smooth and soft while applying with the help of that black sponge. Its shine is admirable that arms look very sexy. This sponge is quiet soft and gentle but I noticed that the sponge sucks this balm more than applying. But still not bad.

Everything about this box is really favorable for me. I have a large collection of lip pencils and eye pencils, so its a suitable box even after utilizing:)

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