Monday, 8 August 2011

A Review on my Ear rings.

I am a make up lover but there is no doubt about my passion for fashionable accessories as well. Whenever I go out to buy something, I always inclined to the area where there is jewellery. Today, I am going to write about my ear rings which are my favorite all time.

These are my ear rings which are black in colour but there are silver stones all over them and are suitable for black dresses as well as silver.
I am a huge fan of rounded ear rings and hanging. I have a large collection of ear rings in round shape in different colors as I am crazy about them. And I think they suite me more.

These are 9 pair altogether which are only in same shape but different colours. I like simple silver rings as I can wear them with any dress of mine, even any t-shirt.

These are my red ear ring which are one of my favorite. The bright red colour is so appealing and sexy at the same time.
I always prefer some jewellery while going out specially ear rings are my first preference. You know its not hard to decide and select ear rings when you have a collection like this. I always pick a pair which is perfectly match or near to match my dress and I wear them. These all are very light weight to carry, and are not irritating as some of the accessories are. I also have ear rings in hanging but I will show you sometime. I hope you like my collection. xx!

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