Monday, 29 August 2011

What is in my bag???

Today is lazy day as it is bank holiday so my post is about my stuff which is most important to me.I go out daily for my job and sometimes I get late to home and sometimes early in time. But its not really easy to look fresh till end of the day or till to reach home. We can't keep the things with us all the time so, the hand bags are best products for today's girls.

These are the things which I have in my bags all the time. I have missed 2 things and that are my keys and mobile phone. I could not take a picture of mobile phone because these picture are taken from my LG phone. I have this stuff to carry in the bag as it is necessary for me all the time.

Although my make up is fresh for day and I rarely freshen my make up.But sometimes I have to go to my aunt's place from my job and have to buy some stuff for my home like some shopping,so, its better to refresh my lipstick.

 I have two lipsticks, one is pink and other one is light brown or nude. I have got two lip gloss one from rimmel and one bought from superdrug. One hand lotion, WH Smith notebook, a pen my wallet with my cards and some money, rimmel kajal and small mirror. These are the things which I have in my bag, what is in your bag?????

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