Thursday, 1 September 2011

Next sale!!!!!!!!!

I was lucky enough to go to Next on its very first day of sale and got a chance to grab something which I have not. I was ready to buy some clothes for my self but due to over crowd I could not fine something special in clothes. But I have bought some of the jewellery which was very nice and I did waste my time to grab them.

This is NEXT necklace which is really nice combination of silver and black pearls also pink petals are printed on the black pearls. I like it because I can make it tight according to my neck. I can wear this necklace with black and white dress. I think I can wear it with pink as well.I hope you could see it clear in this image,it was £12.00 but on sale I bought it on half price.

The next thing is NEXT bracelet which is again in silver colour and have a lot of different shapes on it with a touch of metallic gray and brown/black colour.

As you can see, there are different shapes which are really nice like leaf, heart star, ball and many more. I bought this at once when I saw it first time. It was £10.00 but I bought it only for £5.00 in sale.

This 'Get the look' nail polish is from NEXT and I really liked the different bright colour of this. As all of you know that I am a big fan of make up, cosmetics and jewellery. So, I did not waste my time to think and bought these things which I like most.  This nail polish I bought only for £1.00.
I also have bought some of the perfume sets from Next which are heavenly great for the fragrance. I like Next for their sale because they do show their new clothes and normal size dresses in sale. Some of the shops, I have noticed, do not display the reasonable dresses and you can find only crap. So, its better to wait for the best shops like Next to buy something special and something you love to buy.

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