Saturday, 3 September 2011

This Month's Freebie...

I do not get much time for reading any thing like books or magazines that is why I  do not have any subscription for them. But last I was buying some stuff for my kitchen and I walk through the area where there were magazines and news papers. I was just wondering about something interesting, when my eyes caught 'marie claire' magazine.
I am a big fan of Anne Hathaway and this month she is on front page of 'Marie Claire' talked about her new movie 'One day'. She said' I've never been so nervous about playing a role'. I bought this magazine of September and also got something extra.

This is is my very first experience with Ciate nail polish and I am lucky enough to get this beautiful color which is called 'Fair lady'. I was happy to get that and I love the packaging of this nail polish which is very different and look unique. I love the shape of the bottle and the small ribbon tied in an elegant way. I tried this fair lady on my nails, while I was applying it dried so quickly and the selection of the name is absolutely right 'fair lady'. The color which appeared on my nails is after 3-4 coating and I am so glad to have this one, as I was having desire to get the same color in Revlon

The other thing which I got with the magazine is Dove conditioner which is again very good to have. Although I have other conditioner but still I am happy to have this one. This is for  damaged hair to repair in a subtle way. Its a good conditioner as a treatment for damaged hair and I did not try it yet, after using I can tell you about Dove conditioner

I have enjoyed these things this month as it is my first experience with ciate and I am not disappointed. If you like this colour then do not get late and buy this nail polish because it is really good to apply and a fine finish. I loved it and I shared my experience with all of you. I love the magazine and also regretting about not to have subscription, its only  £3.60 and thing to get it every month to get in touch with news and freebies. So, what you gonna get free this month ???

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  1. thanks 4 comments on my blog .. i like your blog ... nice colors of nail polish ...