Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Fashion Foot Wear

Hi guys! this is really lovely that weather is changing and the sun is shinning with giving us opportunity to wear spring outfits. We will talk about shoes and lovely slippers. Yesterday I went for shopping and bought pumps which are nice.

This pair is not only nice but also very comfy, I bought it from new look and there were also many colourful pump which are perfectly match with spring and summer dresses. I like black colour and I think it is casual and formal as well. This season is going to have this kind of pumps with tight leggings and smart frocks, which is really fashionable and a slightly formal but it looks more good in casual.
If you are going to wear jeans, the skinny one, then it is again suitable for that according to the event. With skinny jeans you can wear loose top as it is in fashion. Black colour is evergreen and suitable for everyone and every occasion. 
Some celebrities also like to wear this kind of pumps to give a casual impression and it is best casual street fashion 2011.

Taleeha xx  

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